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Year 9 Scheme of Learning


Forming and solving equations

Term 1 starting in week 3 :: Estimated time: 2 weeks

For higher-attaining pupils:

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Activities for pupils

Here are some related resources in alphabetical order. Some may only be appropriate for high-attaining learners while others will be useful for those in need of support. Click anywhere in the grey area to access the resource.

Click on a topic below for suggested lesson Starters, resources and activities from Transum.

Lesson Starters

Here are some suggestions for whole-class, projectable resources which can be used at the beginnings of each lesson in this block.

1st Lesson


Planet Numpair

The sum and product are given, can you find the two numbers?

2nd Lesson


Stable Scales

Solve these balance puzzles by taking the same away from both sides. An introduction to linear equations.

3rd Lesson


House Numbers

The numbers on five houses next to each other add up to 70. What are those five numbers?

4th Lesson


Polygon Riddle 1

Solve the riddle to find the name of the polygon then sum the interior angles.

5th Lesson


Same Same

A problem involving two people's ages which can be solved using algebra.

6th Lesson


Rabbits and Chickens

There are some rabbits and chickens in a field. Calculate how many of each given the number of heads and feet.

Some of the Starters above are to reinforce concepts learnt, others are to introduce new ideas while others are on unrelated topics designed for retrieval practice or and opportunity to develop problem-solving skills.

White Rose Resources
White Rose Mathematics

End of block assessments provide a quick progress check at the end of each block of learning to make sure students have understood the content covered.

This Scheme of Learning was produced by White Rose Maths and is used here with permission granted on 30th June 2021.


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