Comments and Suggestions:

"It is a good idea to make up some stories, jokes, rhymes or crazy images to help you remember the more tricky times table facts. Examples include 'eight eights are sixty four, two fat ladies sick on the floor!'. The two fat ladies are the bingo caller's version of eighty eight and the sick on the floor rhymes with sixty four while producing an unforgettable image of these well built ladies being rather ill. Another example is the line-dancing song that has a hook line 'five six seven eight', this has always reminded me that fifty six is seven times eight. Not very logical I know but it works for me!"

Clive, Southampton


"Always have a times table sheet with you. It really helps you get better at your times tables. Try and treat your times tables as a daily exercise, but if you do them every day you will be surprised how much better and faster you have got over a period of time. try practicing with a friend as well.
by Misty :)."



"If you have to do a certain times table in a certain time always do the easiest first. For example start with 2 x then 5 x and 10 x."

Ellie, London


"It's quick if you learn them off like think of a number in between like 6x6=36 or 7x7=49
Then go up or down from that. Eve."

Eve Howell, Ireland


"Learn your times tables to an extent that they come automatically."

Eleanor, Ireland


"It makes you go faster on your times tables becaof the high score chart my fastest score was 11 seconds on the 10 times friends were so jealous that I had got it I showed the teacher and they gave me 5 hopoints each I was so shocked that I nearly fainted."

Rihanna, Great Dunmow,Great Britain


"Try and treat your times tables like a friend, not an enemy! Make your own high score chart. With the sevens my high score used to be 134 seconds and now my high score is 38 seconds! Now you can see that practising really pays off!"

Genevieve, Victoria


"I struggled on my 8 times table but I am getting really better."

Leah Blakebrough, Middleton


"I love it it gets you practiceing your times table."

Shaun Cook, Whitby Heath


"This is the one thing that I actually like getting for homework."

Dylan Emel, Mt. Pulaski Il


"Really great way to make boring maths into a compition :)."

Emma, Hughesdale


"Keep on learning your timestables and the will come to you even your 12s."

Oseremen, Paris


"My times tables are getting quicker and I practice at home and at school and now I feel way more confident with them thanks to this . I think it is the best way to make your times table quick.also I think when you try it you should never give up just like me. I practiced it like several times and then I did it . All you need is courage and a bit of power from your brain. You learn from your mistakes."

Nadine, Great Britain


"I can do my ten times tables in ten seconds and I am only seven."

Jasmine, Great Britain


"I really like my 10 9 8 6 times table and struggled on my 6 times table and is a geniuses at them now!"

Sienna Thompson, Great Britan Norfolk


"This is a great way to practise my math."

Joshua Jay Stroud, Mt.Pulaski


"Practice makes perfect!"

Cameron, Market Drayton


"It's a quick and easy way to learn you times tables. You can try different ones witch is great. I like the example like with the 10 time tables. I've learnt my 4s, 6s, 3 by using this game."

Emily Attfield, New Zealand


"Good website I learned lots of times tables thank you :3."

Cameron Perez, Farmington,U.S,Nm


"It is a quick, fast, amazing way to learn your times tables."

Liv, Australia


"It is amazing what technology can teach you these days and I have learnt nearly all my tables and I couldn't have done it without this website! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Teagen, Australia


"I love it so much my best is 25 seconds."

William, Ipswich


"My record in the 5 is 30 seconds."



"I think this game is great it helps your brain to develop ."

Harvey, Ipswich


"I really love this website. It helped me lots with learning my tables! Now I'm really fast and I couldn't have learnt them without TRANSUM!"

Bridget, Australia


"I cant keep up with people with under 20 seconds but I like the game."

Will, Suffolk England


"I think it's too simple and easy and should have more difficult questions. It's also too plain and should be more interesting and more fun but other than not the rest is fine.
-A student from Albany Junior High School. :)."

Kristine June, Albany Junior High School


"I struggled with my times tables but I got there in the end thanks to TABLESMASTER."

Macy Dowd, Sheffield


"Delighted to have done my 12 x tables at long last."

Matt, Woodbridge


"I love to do this at school and at home I practice in all one go so I get better once I practice all times tables for an hour and I get all of my times tables to twenty seconds. I will try to go on the the high score chart. This is making maths not boring and you get really competive . After getting my times tables in 20 seconds all my friends were super jealous and now I do it every to get better so when I'm in high school I will be great."

Anna, New York


"I've learnt a 9 times table quick cheat. For example, if you have 9 x 3, you would hold up all 10 fingers, and then put down your third. You have two fingers in front of the one that's down, and seven behind."

Annabelle Windsor, Carnegie, Victoria


"I think Tablesmaster is great. I even have it for maths homework. It makes me get higher times everyday. It is really great that you should try it out. if you do you will be better at times tables. If I were you I would start from 2x all the way in order to13x. I hope I have convinced you to try out Tablesmaster. I hope you try it."

Esra, Melbourne, Australia


"I think that this is a great game to practice times tables. In my class we have it as a kind of tornament."

Oliver Matthews 6T, France


"I think it is a great game especially the high score leader board. I also like getting your own trophies in a cabinet. My little brother is 4 years old and one day at school he did his 2 times table because he learned them from this game . My whole school goes on it in a morning. This game is the best thing ever."



"I think this game is really amazing for learning you tables. It is fun and easy, our class it for maths and everyone likes it. I even have a friend who gets 21 seconds in the 11 times tables."

Sebastien Vincent, France


"We this as a tournament in class to see who can get the highest score and my brother is 2 and with this he learned his 11s."

Jack TURK ,Bsp,France, France


"It's always fun practising this it can really help your skills to buff them up."

Emil, France


"Oliver Matthews has accomplished so much and as his best friend I will support him on the tables master he got 30 on his 11 and I am having a competition with my friend Alvaro to see who can get the highest on the 10s I have 36 and he has 26 so I need to catch up."

Jack TURK 6T, BSP,France


"Tables master is an fun and easy way to learn and remember your tables. Every Tuesday a group from our class (YR 6) goes with our class assistant and practise. It is also very useful for children of all ages.
And I recommend you try this website too.
I rate this website 4 1/2 out of 5."

Lois, Tysoe C Of E Primary


"I like doing times table becathey are fun . Although, sometimes I find them boring , they can be fun only if you play timetable and I think it is a really popular because see lots of comments on the website. Amazingly, I play it at school as well. Firstly, we do our 2,5 and 10s ,then we do our 6,4,3 and 8s and last of all we do our 9,11,7 and 12s.Sometimes I practice at home but I mainly do them at school . I search it up on a search engine called KidRex .It's for all the family to enjoy. In addition, it is good for people who haven't had English for a first langue to learn times table. Also, if you are English you can test yourself on them. Also you can claim a trophy if you did your times tables really quick. If you didn't achieve your target just do it again ,also if you don't want a trophy add your score to the high score chart.
I hope I made this website more popular."

Izzy, Great Britain


"If I were yo I would start easy 2x tables then 5x tables then go on to something harder like 12 times tables."

Benjamin, St Josephs


"I really like tablesmaster because it helps me learn my times tables and it is really FUN."

Nadia. O, Melbourne Australia


"Table master is really fun. It can make you better in maths so, if you need to learn your times tables quickly, table master is here."

Muhammed Osman, Melbourne Australia


"Tablemaster helps everyone and it is really fun to.My favourite is 12 times table."

Sumaya.M, Melbourne,Australia


"What's there to say it's amazing!"

Ned Young,


"I was really bad at my 4's but now I'm getting better my best is 23 seconds."

Ethan, Mercedes


"I am in high school and in my first year and I forgot all my tables except the one, five, and ten and luckily tables master helped me learn them all."

Gemma, Scotland


"I learnt my times tables up to 12 when I was year 2 . My advice would be to practice often with a friend or parent ."



"Hi guys I hope you like timestabler. The features of this game is the times tables, high score chart and printing a certificate. If you do well you will get a trophy that your friends or parents can claim if you are allowed you can claim it yourself. Now here are some ways of how you can do your times tables to be top of the class. First of with the easiest 2,5,10 then you do your 4,3,6,8 and then you do the hardiest 7,9,11,12 if you want to challenge yourself do your 13s. It is easy once you know your times tables. You should always try to practice at home. when you are bored or have free time do it. Then you can ask your teacher if you can practice at school and if you already do well that is excellent! Try it you will be the best so come on try it.
:) #times tables."

Amy- Rose, Great Britian


"My maths teacher says to us to beat 30 seconds on our 9,8,7 and 12 times tables but I keep practicing and that is what matters."

Megan Griffiths, Liverpool


"I never knew many times tables. When I found tables master I instantly improved. I would definitely recommend this for kids who want to improve their multiplication knowledge."

Lucy, Australia


"It is a very good game it helps your maths I recommend it."

Tom, UK


"Tables master helped me on my times tables from 2 out of 10 to 10 out of 10."

Tudor Rogojina, UK


"I like this website I never used to like using Math games to learn my times tables but this particular game I like. It's quite easy, but so far I've only tried the 10's, 9's, and 11's. I might try the 5's next time!"

Maddison, Sydney, Australia


"My daughter loves to play this when she is bored! She has achieved her 4 times tables today as she does not stop."

Jessica, Helda


"My maths teacher says to us that we all have our ups and downs of succes throughout times tables however I keep practicing my 5,6,7,8 times tables and one day I will achieve my targets. She also says keep on the good work to give us an extera confidence boost."

Chantelle, England


"I really like this becaI helps me with my latest time tables at school and plus I came first in my whole school for all the times tables so a very big 'THANK YOU!' for this ability ^_^."

Nora, Nora


"Its a great way to learn your tables and makes maths fun."

Alicia, Norfolk


"It's an awesome game to play everyone should like it no matter what it is a great way for you to learn your times tables and also my personal record on the 12's is 22 seconds ."

Wil, England


"My seven times tables were a huge problem, as well as my elevens and twelves. At school, I'm doing dividing by seven and table master has helped me get ready for this. We do super hero times tables and I am on cat woman, which is place value."

Super Pineapple,


"I found my 8s really hard until I found Tablesmaster!"

Tom Chapman, Ilkley Gramar School


"I have learnt my 4's in 2 days!!!!!"

Christina, Australia


"The 8, 12, 6,7,9 and 3 are really hard for me but I will try!??."

Shelby, Wodonga, Wmyc


"Before I used tablemaster I was really bad at my 9s but now I know them easily."

Thomas Gwilliams, Down Under


"I love timesmaster I hate times tables but this makes me like it."

Kerala Davies, Buckley


"It has really helped me learn my tables and be able to do them a lot faster! It is a really good website to learn your tables on."

Lucy, Liverpool


"I kinda think timetables are easy now thanks to tablesmaster!"

Evan Templeton, UK


"Tablesmaster has helped me to improve my times tables and improve my amount of seconds. My best is 16 seconds on my 13 times tables."

Ruby Hulme, U.K.


"Table master is a faster way for making students learn their timetables. I enjoy doing table master , My Favorite is 12 timetables!"

Aleisha, Melbourne, Australia


"This has helped me loads with my 8 and hopefully I will achieve A better score
Thanks tables master Xx."

G, G


"I m really slow at my 7s but I will get better thanks to table master."



"Always practice with a multiplication poster or sheet. It will help you remember."

Leonara Johnson, 28/12/17


"Practise and you will make it. I believe in you. Make up some rhymes, you are worthy. Keep on working!"

Believer, UK


"Practice and make up a rhyme for them all becait really helps."

Vanessa, Perth


"Your life will be a lot easier when you can simply remember the multiplication tables.This is why you choose Table master the best app/program used for students to become better and better at your timetables. I started using this app in Year 2, now I ace timetables in a few seconds."

Aleisha.T, AUS,VIC


"Write it down then memorise them. When you stop looking, play table master and you'll already know all your tables."

Charlie Cross, Morton Bay


"It's amazing. I love it! My teacher reccomended it and I like to test my mum and she tests me."

Bethany, Britain


"I think this is great I can now do my 10's in 28seconds which is great and by this I learnt my 9's my 13's and also my 7's its an amazing way to learn timetables and also its fun."



"Tables master is amazing. Firstly, it taught me how to do my tables up to thirteen and plus, it teaches you them in a really fun way. It gives you excellent tips and rhymes to remember the hardest time tables for you, after every round. My favourite was for two times eight which was:
I want to leave school
But I will have to wait (two times eight)
Until I’m sixteen.
So two times eight equals sixteen.
I really recommend this game to all of you."

Hermionie., Britain


"This helps so much and you know don't worry if you are still behind with a lot of seconds to catch up because the more practice you have, the better you will be!"

Holly, Leeds


"I have improved so much on my times tables it is unbelievable!"

Aserat, Ipswich


"Great way to learn your times tables!"

Ella, Australia


"It is challenging when you begin, but it gets better."

Marcus, Singapore, Orchard


"I think it is AMAZING and it does not only teach you time tables but it does it in a challenging and makes you wanna improve MORE and more but in a fun way!"

Zahra.O, Melbourne Australia


"Tables-master is really fun and its a great way to learn."

Josh, Hunstanton


"Tables master is a great fun way to learn. You have challenges with friends, record your scores and have a lot of fun."

Thomas, Western Australia


"Tablesmaster is a great way to learn."

Will, Shropshire


"Tablesmaster is a great way to pre pare for tests."

Mason, Liverpool


"I love tablemaster it really helps. My high score with the 11 was 132 and now it is 33 so it is really paying off."

Trey, Australia


"I have been using TablesMaster for 1 day now, and I am already so much better!"

Jacob, 10, Adelaide


"I just found table master and I enjoy quizzing myself on it. table master does times tables in a way that is both fun, exiting and still teaches you. -CC-."

Charlie, AUSTRALIA!!


"Amazing, I have been using this for a few minutes, and I love it! It's super helpful for someone who is bad at their tables! I find it annoying how you have to wait a few seconds after you get something wrong, but only a few seconds!(: I recommend this to anyone who needs help with their tables!"



"Such a cool way to learn your skills for TimesTables."



"It’s amazing on how much we do this is how much closer we get to actually liking our times tables."

Emily, Australia


"I love the website. It is helping me learn my tables. When I was young I absolutely HATED them and now I love them. Thx Tablesmater :)."

Dalila, Australia


"A bit too easy but a good learning method."

Daisy Peek, Ireland


"In class I was the worst at math but when I found tables master and stated practicing I became the best at tables and the best at tables so I think that this website is the best becait helped me a lot."

Goodluck, Ireland


"Could you please add more times tables like 14?"

Alex, Northern Ierland


"I love tablesmaster, it helps me learn and develop my skills on times tables. I had a test last week and I nailed it! Thanks to tablesmaster! I really love this game and I have loves this mathematical experience!"

Charlie, Australia


"It's so cool and it is so fun to play and you can learn from it. I think you should add 14 times tables!

[Transum: Hey Johnson. Don't tell anyone but if you click on the red apple when you see the choice of times tables buttons your wish will be granted!]"

Johnson, Orewa College


"It gets really fun when you learn the tables quickly and then you can zoom through them!"

Isabella, Australia


"I love this so so much. I know this sounds dumb but when ever I have free time I go on this! Somebody asked if you could add the 14 times table and I totally agree, so please do add 14 timetable!

[Transum: Hey Edith. Don't tell anyone but if you click on the red apple when you see the choice of times tables buttons your wish will be granted!]"

Edith, Orewa Beach School Year 6


"Hi. You should add a math joke at the end after someone has completed a round. You should also have a timer button if someone wants to time themselves to see how many they can get before the timer runs out."

Sasha Cooper, Inaburra School


"Can you please add a 15 times table? its what i'm currently learning other then my 1's through 14's, plus it would be very cool to add math's that high school does so we get to practice before we enter high school."

Leighton, New Zealand


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