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GCSE Higher

Promise is going to make some chocolate pyramids to sell.

The ingredients are chocolate, honey butter and cornflakes. The ingredients are mixed in the ratio \(5:2:3\) respectively.

(a) How much of each ingredient will she need to make 800g of the mixture?

Promise makes 3.2 kg of the mixture, from which she can make 80 chocolate pyramids.

She charges 70p for each pyramid and sells all 80 of them.

(b) How much profit does she make?


GCSE Higher

£580 is shared between Alice, Bally, Chris and Dean.

The ratio of the amount Alice gets to the amount Bally gets is 4 : 5

Chris and Dean each get 2.5 times the amount Alice gets.

Work out the amount of money that Bally gets.


GCSE Higher

A shop sells mini packs of fruit gums of different sizes

On one busy day the ratio of packs of orange, strawberry and banana fruit gums sold was 4:5:6.

If total of 400 fruit gums were sold work out the number of packs of banana fruit gums sold


GCSE Higher

There are some round counters and some square counters in a pot. The counters are either blue or green.

(a) What is the least possible number of counters in the pot?

(b) If all the round counters are green work out the least possible number of square green counters that are in the pot.

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The exam-style questions appearing on this site are based on those set in previous examinations (or sample assessment papers for future examinations) by the major examination boards. The wording, diagrams and figures used in these questions have been changed from the originals so that students can have fresh, relevant problem solving practice even if they have previously worked through the related exam paper.

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