Reaction Time :: Even or Odd

When the numbers appear hit the correct button depending on whether the numbers are even or odd


Press one of the buttons above.

Odd pair reaction timesEven pair reaction times

The median odd reaction time is and the median even reaction time is .

This activity will record your reaction time each time you identify a pair of numbers as either both odd or both even. You can copy and paste your times into a spreadsheet when you have finished in order to analyse them. This activity might be part of a Maths coursework project.

Can you calculate averages? What is your mean time for each category? What is your median time for each category? Why are they likely to be different? Calculate the range of the data. Are there any outliers? What is the inter-quartile range? Draw two box plots showing your two sets of results. How do they compare?

After recording at least ? times for both odd and even pairs you will also be awarded a Transum Trophy.


Record times to:

Switch positions of 'Both Even' and 'Both Odd' buttons after each button click.


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For older students learning about probability, significance and hypothesis testing (See T-Test), this page might prove useful in generating data to be analysed. It is worth noting however that the data generated is probably not normally distributed so calculations for small samples, while providing the student with practice, will not necessarily be completely robust.

Here are some comments about this activity:

Clive, Southampton

Monday, September 14, 2015

"My pupils did this activity and we collected together the class results. Some people thought there might be a difference between boys and girls but we did not have enough data to say for sure."

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Each time a person completes this activity and collects a trophy the fastest median reaction type (odd or even) is recorded in the database. The following bar chart shows the proportions of the results collected so far.

Odd Even

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