Factorising Quadratics

Factorising Quadratics

Factorising Quadratics is an online exercise to use instead of a text book. The questions are presented one at a time in increasing order of difficulty. You must get the current question right before going on to the next. When you have answered 5 correctly you are given the option of printing a certificate to show your achievement and earning a Transum Trophy. The certificate will show how many questions you have answered correctly so you might want to wait before you print until you have answered as many questions as possible.

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Factorising quadratic expressions simplifies them by spliting them into simpler parts (factors). It is the reverse of expanding brackets. It is useful in the study of algebraic expressions and graphs and for solving quadratic equations.

There are many more algebra activities on Transum Maths including a more structured exercise on Factorising.

Answers are provided for this exercise but they are only available to teachers who have subscribed to Class Admin.

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