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What is the total cost of all four cars?

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  • Vijay Leckraz, Dartford Technology College
  • Let the Blue car be £x. The red car would then be Blue+£5000.Yellow is the same as Blue,so Yellow cost£x.Green cost twice as much as Blue so Green cost £2X.Green car is the same as Red car so we can write
    Green car= Red car
    solving this equation by the elimination method we have 2x-x=x-x+£5000
    which gives x=£5000
    So Blue car costs £5000
    Yellow Car costs £5000
    Green car costs £10000
    Red car costs £10000.
  • Jonny,
  • There's a slight mistake in the answer above:
    Green car = Red car
    This should be £5000.
    Enjoyed the starter though!
  • Phillipa, West Yorkshire
  • I think this is very good for when Im doing Algebra with Ks3 however can you explain how you did it as we are all baffled.
  • Vicki, Cheshire
  • It's quite simple (when you know how) really... Call the blue car B, yellow car Y, green car G and red car R.
    The blue and yellow cars cost the same so B=Y
    The green and red cost the same so G=R
    R = B + 5,000 and since G=R you can say G = B + 5,000
    G = 2Y and since Y=B you can say G = 2B
    So make these equal to each other:
    2B = B + 5,000
    B = 5,000 = Y
    G = R = 5,000 + 5,000 = 10,000
    The cars total up to 30,000.
  • Billy, Newcastle
  • This question is perfect for drawing using bars. I liked it.

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