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There are four thousand temples of Began. It takes roughly ten minutes to visit one temple. How long would it take to visit them all assuming you could keep going without any sleep?

A temple of Began

Left Hand Three days

Right Hand 20 weeks

Book An afternoon

Calculator Ten years

Pen One month

Instructions: There are five possible answers to the question above but only one of them is correct.
If you think the first answer is correct hold up your left hand.
If you think the second answer is correct hold up your right hand.
If you think the third answer is correct hold up your book.
If you think the fourth answer is correct hold up your calculator.
If you think the fifth answer is correct hold up your pen.

This question was suggested by Transum, for Pentransum

Began, Myanmar (Burma)

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  • Transum,
  • Began is in Myanmar (Burma) and there really are so many temples very close together. It's a fascinating place to visit if you ever get the chance. The other questions you can call upon for this starter come from the Pentransum database and have been suggested by people from all around the world.
    We hope you like our low-tech idea for easily getting feedback from the whole class. Rather than asking for 'hands up' then selecting one pupil to say the answer you can instantly see what all of the pupils think! You could then ask various pupils who have chosen different answers to justify their choice by explaining their thinking.
    Don't forget to refresh this page for a different question.
  • Saira Haider, UAE
  • This was fun and interesting activity. I go on starter on of the day every day and every week at school. Thanks Transum.

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