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  • Katie, Bradford
  • There is not only one way of doing this. I can think of at least 2 others. Try to figure them out if you can!
  • YR 8 George Abbot, SET 3
  • We would recommend this as enjoyable starter. Thanks
  • Silver Birches, Lydd
  • We found four different ways...any more?
  • M Wood, Terang College
  • Great activity, my students took on the challenge to find how many variations there are and have come up with 40!
  • Chris Smith, Bushenyi, Uganda
  • A good starter for the year two students at this Primary Teachers' College in Western Uganda. I selected the 10 weakest for this group, on basis of the mathematics marks (ignoring the methodology woffle) from their most recent college exams. We used the clues and I haven’t yet decided if there is a good strategy. I showed them how the grand total of the 14 numbers could be checked by adding first and last and so on. Class sizes are usually over 50 so identifying and helping the weakest, the strongest not to mention the ones in the middle, is a challenge.
    This afternoon I will use it at a local Primary School. I will put the numbers on corrugated card and make a back sheet on flip chart. They will enjoy moving them around.
  • Helsby High School, 9y4
  • There was more than one way to get the answer and it was challenging!
  • Frustrated Parent, Somewhere
  • As a parent, can someone please explain how this is relevant in the "real world"? This needs only some basic skill to put vsrious numbers in a random order until you get the right answers. Seems very "unmeasureable" in terms of numeracy unless your planning on the students being able to randomise their own Lottery ticket selections...
  • 6F, Mt Warren Park Qld Australia
  • We found 4 different ways !!!
  • Nicol, Josh, Waddy, Holmfirth
  • We really like this activity and we found a several solutions and are now looking for more and we didn't use the clues :) xx.
  • Caitlin, Y4 Banks Lane Junior
  • The way I did it was I did 4+10=14
    Also I know there was other ways to do it as well.
    It was a fun activity to! But was quite easy. .
  • Mr Matthews' Year 8s, Canggu Community School
  • We are so awesome, because we came up with 3 different answers. Annastassia, Karina and Nola (who never shows her workings) got a House Point - what!? We loved your starters and Mr Matthews loves bananas!
  • Molly, Southampton
  • I realy enjoyed doing this activity it realy got my brain going.
  • Pupils, West Burton Primary School
  • This was a confusing starter for Y4 but Y56 found it challenging! We got several different answers :).
  • STAGS Year 7 Set C, St. Albans
  • Edita Juseviciute's solutions:
    Amber Williams' solutions:
    Nada Zarrouq & Imani-Nia Francis-Tsolakis' solutions:
  • Sam, Lacock School
  • My solution is;
    9+5 = 14
  • Reilly + Harvey, Lacock School
  • We worked out;
    10+4 = 14
  • Rashad, Y2 South Park Primary
  • I really loved doing addle because it so so easy and I'm in year 2.
  • Cfreeborn, Sherrardswood
  • Great starter.
  • Mrs. Elrick, Thailand
  • My Year 4 class managed to find 7 different ways of solving this problem. We liked this. Thank you.
  • Alan, Australia
  • To "Frustrated parent, Somewhere"
    The key to this is to have the student do the task in a non random way - tell the children to think logically about the process rather than any form of random drag and drop
    this will teach them about logic, decision making and options
    the answer is not the objective - think about the process.

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