Aunt Sophie at the Post Office

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Aunt Sophie has 5p and 9p stamps only.

It will cost 91p to post a parcel.

How many of each type of stamp should she put on the parcel?

Stamp Stamp



Don't miss the interactive Stamp Sticking activity.

Aunt Ann visited the post office too.

She has many 4p and 9p stamps.

What's the largest whole number amount that can't be made with Aunt Ann's stamps?

Stamp Stamp



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  • The Best Maths Class Ever 7cd/m2, King Alfreds, Wantage Oxfordshire
  • At first the starter was challenging but then it started to make sense and that was when everyone started to get the hang of it. All together we got all the answers between us. The people who got the first answer were Danny, Ryan, David, Murran, Molly, Bryony, Alicia and sir. And some others got the rest of the answers.
  • N Cox, Ipswich
  • A good starter that can be developed easily into a differentiated lesson. For example, use the minumum number of stamps, pairs of stamp values that work for all postage values (1p stamp not allowed!). What sort of pairs work for the fewest values of postage.
  • Set 1 Year 4(Mathematical Whizz Kids! ), Banks Lane Junior School
  • We found three ways to solve this problem by working systematically using multiples of 3 and 8.
  • Transum,
  • This is an old idea but still very worthwhile even though the cost of the stamps probably isn't very realistic at today's prices. It lends itself to be extended in a number of ways in addition to those suggested by N Cox above (thanks). Please share any ways of developing this activity that might be useful to other teachers.

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