Mystery Numbers


If 90 D in a RA stands for 90 degrees in a right angle, what do the following stand for?

180 D in a T
7 D in a W
3 F in a Y
10MM in a CM
366 D in a LY
7 is the SR of FN
SW and the 7 D

A Mathematics Lesson Starter Of The Day

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  • Mrs Toogood, WHS
  • These are good fun - more please
  • Sara, Bradford
  • I think this kind of activity is bad - it encourages kids to think of a letter as standing for a thing instead of a number which damages their developemnt of understanding algebra. For example 7d in a w is 7 days in a week in your puzzle but algebraically to change weeks to days we do d=7w or "to find the number of days you multiply the number of weeks by 7" because in algebra we use the w to mean the number of weeks not one week - I think it deepens misunderstandings.
  • Year 10, Coln House
  • We think these type of maths starters are very thought provoking and make your mind get on track.
    We think Sara from Bradford is wrong about saying that the algebra can be misunderstood, it's only in fun.
  • 10 Ma2b, Ilfracombe Arts College
  • We agree with Year 10 in Coln and think Sara needs to lighten up a bit.
  • Jenny, St Clement Of Rome
  • 1000M in a K.
  • Tamia Nero, Berrywood Primary School In Hedge End
  • I think this starter of the day was very easy but I still had fun doing it.
  • Rob, Leicester
  • Sara can't cope with the date either, as it's meant for the 30th. I'd say she could do with some more math's lessons. Also, just don't do it, why write a comment?
    I like these. Took me a while to get the 3 f in a y, there's always one.

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