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Online Maths Tuition

Online Maths Tuition


Transum currently has a vacancy for a weekly online tuition lesson for students taking one of the following courses:

Please complete the form lower down this page if you are interested in arranging tuition for your child. The hourly rate is £65 (GBP).

The tuition will be conducted via video conference, utilising Zoom and BitPaper. It must occur at a time when the student has access to a large-screen computer (either a desktop or laptop, but not a phone) because I will share my desktop documents, some of which will require interaction or manipulation by the student.

The student's computer must also have a webcam, as teachers assess the pace of their explanations based on the students' facial expressions and body language.

I will gladly select the topics for the sessions; however, if the student wishes to focus on a specific area, please provide at least 24 hours' notice, if possible, so that I can source and adapt appropriate resources for online use.

The BitPaper system allows me to create online workbooks before the lesson, on which both the student and I can write in real time. This approach has proven highly effective. Optimal experiences have been achieved when the student uses a large computer screen for video interaction and an iPad or tablet to write in the BitPaper separately. While not essential, this arrangement significantly enhances the learning experience.

I possess over 40 years of mathematics teaching experience at four different schools, have led the Mathematics departments at three schools, and served for over three years as Senior Mathematics Teacher Consultant for the city of Birmingham, UK. Most recently, I have spent 15 years at Bangkok Patana British International School in Thailand, where I was an Assistant Principal with responsibility for curriculum technology integration. Additionally, I am the author of this website.

This form is to be filled in by the parent or guardian of the student:

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Parent's Email Address:

Student's first name:

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Student's age:

Student's Maths Syllabus:
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Please explain why you are requesting
online maths tution

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By submitting this form you agree to be contacted by email for further discussion about your needs for online tuition when a vacancy becomes available.

IB AA HL Student,

Monday, May 13, 2024

"I would also like to truly thank you for all the sessions we have had and how our sessions together have been instrumental in aiding not just my understanding of math but also for my appreciation of maths from the content and also fun exercises during the starters!

Thank you for your belief in me and your commitment to helping me get through and begin to appreciate this rigorous HL course. I truly do appreciate all of your effort and our sessions as they have had an amazing impact on myself!

I hope at some point we could meet face to face as well as we have only known each other virtually thus far!

Thank you once again, you have been an integral part of my journey for the last year and I just wanted to write this to also express my appreciation for our past sessions and journey together. "

Student's Parents,

Monday, May 13, 2024

"From all of us a heartfelt appreciation to you. Simply put, without you, our son would have not been able to achieve what he has. You have been instrumental in bringing him to the level that he is truly capable of. Thank you for taking him under your wings and being a wonderful tutor to him. You really have make him understanding of the IB maths concept so that he could apply to his course and exam papers.

We will remember you always and be ever grateful for your time and dedication for our son. "

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