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Advertising On This Website

Transum offers advertising on this website allowing you to target your product or service at our specifically education oriented users.

The cost of a 200px x 280px image (or text equivalent) on one of the designated pages is calculated in proportion to the number of unique page views the page received in May 2016 (The figures in square brackets in the list to the right show the number of page views in October 2016). The image (or button within the image space) will act as a link to your website. Animated advertisements are unable to be accepted.

The advertisments should be imune to ad-blocking software as they are seen as images rather than adverts. Transum subscribers do not see any adverts when logged into their accounts.

If you're interested in placing an advertisement please contact Transum by email:

Transum at Gmail

Transum will only accept advertising from companies whose ethos, products and content are in line with Transum's ethos and policies. Transum reserves the right to refuse an advertising application without reason or justification.

Available Designated Pages

Home page immediately below the 'enter' button: £140 per month. [27,381]

Main Menu page below the red row of buttons: £248 per month. [52,119]

Starter Of The Day one side of calendar: £484 per month. [102,006]

Game Menu integrated into content: £96 per month. [18,031]

iPad Maths integrated into content: £120 per month. [18,591]

Fun Maths integrated into content: £40 per month. [8,722]

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