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Practise your ability to interpret and use three-figure bearings with this self-marking exercise.

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This is level 3: back bearings and turning problems. You can earn a trophy if you get at least 9 correct and you do this activity online.

Don't forget each of your answers should contain three digits.

What is the opposite direction to 048°?

° Correct Wrong

What is the opposite direction to 124°?

° Correct Wrong

What is the opposite direction to 349°?

° Correct Wrong

What is the opposite direction to 215°?

° Correct Wrong

What is the opposite direction to 151°?

° Correct Wrong

What is the opposite direction to 291°?

° Correct Wrong

Flight BA001 is cruising on a bearing of 173°. The pilot makes the following turns after receiving instructions from air traffic control:

  • Turn right through 65°
  • Turn left through 23°
What bearing is BA001 now on?

° Correct Wrong

Near the end of its journey flight TG247 is on a bearing of 227°. The pilot makes the following turns:

  • Turn left through 17°
  • Turn right through 24°
  • Turn left through 14°
What bearing is TG247 now on?

° Correct Wrong

After experiencing some turbulence flight LH055 is on a bearing of 350°. The pilot makes the following turns:

  • Turn right through 54°
  • Turn left through 8°
  • Turn right through 42°
What bearing is LH055 now on?

° Correct Wrong

Having been diverted, flight UA770 is on a bearing of 044°. The pilot makes the following turns:

  • Turn right through 50°
  • Turn left through 83°
  • Turn left through 103°
What bearing is UA770 now on?

° Correct Wrong

While making its final approach flight EY095 is on a bearing of 345°. The pilot makes the following turns:

  • Turn right through 42°
  • Turn left through 6°
  • Turn right through 51°
What bearing is EY095 now on?

° Correct Wrong

On its last day of service a 747 Jumbo is on a bearing of 064°. The pilot makes the following turns:

  • Turn right through 53°
  • Turn left through 60°
  • Turn left through 111°
What bearing is the 747 now on?

° Correct Wrong


This is Bearings level 3. You can also try:
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Try your best to answer the questions above. Type your answers into the boxes provided leaving no spaces. As you work through the exercise regularly click the "check" button. If you have any wrong answers, do your best to do corrections but if there is anything you don't understand, please ask your teacher for help.

When you have got all of the questions correct you may want to print out this page and paste it into your exercise book. If you keep your work in an ePortfolio you could take a screen shot of your answers and paste that into your Maths file.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

"This is a page from a Scout's notebook written around 1966.


Colin, Home

Thursday, November 23, 2017

"On bearings level 3 question 6. the opposite bearing of 208 degrees is 028 degrees. your answer is 28 degrees. you only have 2 digits.

[Transum: Thanks so much Colin, for highlighting this error. The questions are generated from random numbers and the algorithm used in question 6 missed the three digit rule. The bug has now been eliminated. I hope your students enjoy this exercise.]"

Lahi, New Zealand

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

"There seems to be a problem with the question: "What is the three figure bearing of east?" and "What is the three figure bearing of north-east?". If I am correct the answer to the first one is 90 degrees and the other one is 45 degrees. But when I answer it the system says it's wrong. If this is because I got the answer wrong my apologies. Thanks in advance!

[Transum: You are almost correct Lahi but you need to think about the words “three figure” in the question]"

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Leaning about Bearings

Before beginning these exercises it would be helpful to develop bearing estimation skills with the Plane Bearings activity.

Level 1 - Converting between compass directions and three figure bearings

Level 2 - Measuring simple bearings on screen using a draggable protractor

Level 3 - Back bearings and turning problems

Level 4 - Creating scale diagrams and making accurate measurements of given situations

Level 5 - Using angle theorems and trigonometry to solve bearing problems

Exam Style questions are in the style of GCSE or IB/A-level exam paper questions and worked solutions are available for Transum subscribers.

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Compass Points

Compass Points

Don't wait until you have finished the exercise before you click on the 'Check' button. Click it often as you work through the questions to see if you are answering them correctly. You can double-click the 'Check' button to make it float at the bottom of your screen.

Answers to this exercise are available lower down this page when you are logged in to your Transum account. If you don’t yet have a Transum subscription one can be very quickly set up if you are a teacher, tutor or parent.

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