Chi-Squared Test Chi-Squared Test

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Chi-Squared Test (25 slides)

Contribute to, then analyse the First Impressions data or try some Exam-Style Questions.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"This short presentation is intended to provide a quick introduction to significance (chi-squared) testing. It is designed to allow students to quickly get to the point where they can analyse real data that they have contributed to. It is not meant to be a comprehensive study of this topic, which is left to the textbooks and other online sources. This presentation can also be used as a revision resource for those who have already studied this topic in more detail.

One notion that should be stressed is that of having a ‘feel’ for the data and making a guess at the result before the calculator is used. "


Monday, January 21, 2019

"Statisticians recommend using the Yates correction for continuity for a 2 by 2 table where the number of degrees of freedom is one. The graphic calculator (TI nspire) used in this presentation does not apply the Yates correction. IB exam questions won't feature data with one degree of freedom but you would be expected to use Yates in your Internal Assessment manual calculations where required."

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