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In the back of your exercise books write down the answers to the calculations below. Do not use a calculator. When you have finished add all of your answers together

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  • Julie Reakes, The English College, Dubai
  • I love this kind of starter as it ensures complete accuracy.
  • Jules Higham, IMS
  • This is great for my students for begginings of the lessons and to get there brains in gear!
  • Chris Smith, Bushenyi Primary Teachers' College, Uganda
  • This was rather "so what" for my teacher trainee students, but... we saw a good way to encourage both speed and accuracy, only one answer to mark, so designed a similar starter, eight questions, various operations, and the final sum was 12,345. It could have been the date or 22222 or... Tried it with a Primary 5 class this afternoon and it worked very well. Certainly I will recommend this for school practice next term. It is very flexible, any question giving a numerical answer. (Commas in large numbers are accepted here, currency has lots of zeros.).

How did you use this starter? Can you suggest how teachers could present or develop this resource? Do you have any comments? It is always useful to receive feedback and helps make this free resource even more useful for Maths teachers anywhere in the world.
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Note to teacher: Doing this activity once with a class helps students develop strategies. It is only when they do this activity a second time that they will have the opportunity to practise those strategies. That is when the learning is consolidated. Click the button above to regenerate another version of this starter from random numbers.

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