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  • Mrs. Fischl, Port Hope, Ontario
  • I would like it to wait a little while longer before the number is revealed.
  • Ian Clark, Port Hope High School, Ontario, Canada
  • Ian would like to see the number in its entirety. It is easier for him to remember chunks of numbers rather than one digit at a time.
  • Team 24, Rio Real School, California
  • We loved the memory game!
  • Transum,
  • We would really like to know what is the greatest number of digits pupils are able to remember in a number. Does 'chunking' (splitting the number into groups of three or four digits) help? Has anyone tried using a mnemonic method? What is the record for your class?
  • Mr Shepherd, The St Lawrence Academy
  • I studied Bruno Furst's legendary memory enhancement course years ago. Passing on the basics to a year 10 allowed him to memorise a of forty pictures, in order, for a history test - much to the amazement of the humanities dept. The same technique can be used for almost any number of items / digits etc. by anyone who cares to train themselves. (eg. Pi to 250,000 places is all based on the same system.)
    Record for remembering lists in class was a year 9 student in my last year's 3 class who successfully recited 30 items (randomly chosen by individuals in the class) in order after a two minute period of silently studying the list. Impressive.

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It can be helpful to find the mathematical connections between the digits to better remember the number. For example, if the six-digit number is 235749 you may notice that the first two digits add up to the third. The fourth number is the next odd number and if this is squared it will produce the last two digits.

Trick for remembering a six digit number
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