Movie Minutes

1. If you watched all of these films, one after the other, how long would it take?

Ghost Protocol
2h 13mins

Lord of the Rings
3h 21mins

1h 32mins

2h 9mins

Lion King
1h 58mins

2. If you started watching at 7:15pm, what time would you finish?

3. Which three films have a total time of 5 hours and 39 minutes?

A Mathematics Lesson Starter Of The Day

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  • Ingrid Allen, Glyn
  • The film theme made this work very well as they were keen on the films. It worked well with KS3. I often find the colours don't show up well, but they recognised the films any way.
  • Mr I Rowe, Royal Alexandra And Albert School
  • My Year 7 class enjoyed the film questions and we talked about their favourite ones.
  • Dom, Kingalfreds
  • Good fun, snappy and a good challenge.
  • Swelbourn, Ladylumleys School
  • A really good functional skills question which highlight the need to show some workings although the question doesn't state this.
  • Transum,
  • It is sometimes surprising how little formal, guided practice students have doing calculations with time when it is something they live with everyday. In fact time calculations may not be a part of your programme of study for this year at all. At least you can include it as a starter activity!
  • Penny, Baradene College
  • Great! I used it on 11-12 year olds, simple enough for everyone to start. The skills practiced were adding time, converting between hours and minutes and problem solving. I explained the first one and walked around checking, then students worked on the others by themselves. Students wrote up answers on the board with working.
  • Sandra C, London
  • I used this to show how you can add time mentally but also how to use a calculator with the degree, minute and second button.

    Degrees, minutes and seconds
    [Transum: Thanks Sandra. Wonderful comment. This calculator skill is part of the Calculator Workout.]

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