Star Wars Day

Your classroom has been visited by a giant wookiee. He has left only his hand print on the white board.

Estimate the length of his hand without measuring it.

Based on this make an estimate of the wookiee's:

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  • Ross Roberton, International Sch Of Luxembourg
  • We loved it!
  • Mr Berry, Star Primary School
  • Amazing Maths Starter of the Day.
  • Mr Bell's Class,
  • It was like good to get your brain working!
    It wasn't like boring!
    The size of the hand compared to others is like freaky!
    It's quite fun; it's a different kind of activity.
    It's fun but you've got to be good at maths.
    It was REEM!
  • Jez, 9 Ma/6
  • Some of us really enjoyed it. We thought it was fun We think
    (Height-12 feet/4metres)
    (weight- 50-60 stone)
    (Shoe length- 2feet/60cm)
    Drinks 12L per day).
  • Dr P, Year 10 @BISB
  • We have between height 2.2 and 2.3 meters
    We got a weight of 130 kg plus/minus 5
    Shoe Length 48 in EU measure
    Drinks 4.5 litres
    My students really enjoyed this one. Thanks May 4th. ).
  • Abbie,
  • This was Awesome. May the 4th be with you.
  • Mrs Pimmple, Class 6Pimmple
  • Our class struggled at the start but got it in the end!
  • Elissa Hubert, Singaporean International School
  • It was very fun even if I struggled a lot. I dont know what is a wokkie but it seems like its a giant.

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Extension 1

Find and simplify an expression for \(A - B \)

$$A = r_1(d_1+d_2) - r_1d_1 $$ $$B = r_2(d_1-d_2) - r_2d_1 + r_1d_2 $$

Extension 2

How many planets are in our solar system?

How many Stars are in our Galaxy (the Milky Way)?

How many galaxies are in the universe?

What might someone be trying to achieve if they multiplied those numbers together?

Extension 3

Draw a Star Wars object using the Graph Plotter.

The lines of your drawings should be parts of graph lines. You can specify where the line begins and ends by specifying a range of values for either \(x\) or \(y\) in curley brackets. Here are a couple of examples.

A vertical line segment:

$$x=2 \{1 \lt y \lt 5\}$$

A semicircle:

$$x^2 +(y-5)^2=4\{y \lt 5\}$$

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