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Exam Objectives Checklists

Exam Objectives Checklists


In order to make the best use of revision time it is important for a student to be aware of which topics they understand least well. They can then schedule more time revising these topics or be more specific when seeking help from others.

This part of the Transum Mathematics website contains a growing list of objective checklists for various common Maths exams.

Transum subscribers can provide their own lists of objectives to use with this system. If you do not yet have an account and you are a teacher or tutor you can apply for one here.

Begin by clicking the small round button next to the name of the checklist you need then enter a person’s name or class name in the text box provided. This will take you to the required checklist as a new web page. Copy or save the address (URL) of that page for your personal use.

Please note that the information about the checklist is stored only on your local computer. No information is sent to the internet. The information you enter into your checklist will only be available on the computer you entered it upon.


The image above shows a part of a checklist


Student or class name:

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Suggestions for using the checklists (other than the Number Skills Inventory which works differently):

  1. Go through each objective and classify them as easy, OK or help! Make sure you ask someone about the objectives you don't understand;
  2. Click the 'Print Help Version' button to show only the objectives you have classified as requiring help. Print this page.
  3. For each objective on the printed page start to fill in the space for notes. You could begin by looking up the topic in your text book and jotting down the key points. This place is also ideal for diagrams and examples;
  4. Post the completed sheets on the wall then start work practicing the skills by doing exercises here online, from the text book or from past examination papers;
  5. Get a friend, teacher, parent or answer book to check your work. You don't want to be practising incorrect methods do you?

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