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Revising for Maths Exams

Mathematics Exam Revision Tips


A common stress students experience is preparing themselves for exams and Mathematics exams in particular.

During the long hours of revision the free resources on this website may provide the help you are looking for. There are self-marking exercises on all the basic school mathematics concepts along with puzzles, games and investigations all designed to support your learning.

The Basics

It is probably fair to say, that the biggest obstacle to achieving a good grade is a poor grasp of the basic concepts. You probably won't be surprised to know that the reason you may be inefficient at factorising algebraic expressions is because you don't have a good enough knowledge of the multiplication tables. How can you be expected to apply geometrical theorems when you have forgotten the names and properties of basic shapes? You would be a lot happier thinking your answers to exam questions were reasonable if you had the skills of estimation and a familiarity with common units of length, weight and capacity as modelled by common household objects.


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Here are the top five tips for productive Maths revision:

  1. Actually doing exercises and solving problems is much better than reading, watching or listening;
  2. Get rid of those distractions whatever they are. Turn off your phone, move away from the TV and save game playing till later;
  3. Variety is the spice of life! Try some past paper questions then change to working through an online exercise. Play a mathematical game then make a key facts poster. Keep it interesting;
  4. Make yourself a revision schedule. Balance your Maths revision with the revision you have to do for other subjects. Some say 'a little and often' is better than a long, tiring revision marathon;
  5. Get a friend, teacher, parent or answer book to check your work. You don't want to be practising incorrect methods do you?

Regular Revision

We all know that regular exercise is required to maintain a healthy body. In a similar way the brain needs regular practice doing Mathematics in order to do well in the subject. There are hundreds of online exercises here on the Transum website ranging from simple arithmetic to calculus. You can work on these exercises knowing that they are self-marking so you can get immediate feedback as to whether the answer is correct or not.

Basic Arithmetic

Yes, even though it is 2023 and technology is everywhere, you still need to know your times tables. Whatever your age, you need to learn and practice the times tables from two to twelve to support the other areas of Mathematics.

Transum has a ‘Learn a new times table in only 5 days’ page which links to activities we know work well in developing the skills, knowledge and understanding.

Final Exam Preparation

There is nothing like an exam to focus attention on the learning of Mathematics. At exam time of year you need a little extra support ensuring that everything goes well.

Firstly having a positive, ‘can do’ attitude is most important.

Secondly finding a quiet place in the house to revise is crucial, away from the temptations of the television and video games.

Thirdly ensure that you have the right equipment you need for the exam including a pen (and a spare), pencil (and a spare), the correct type of calculator, a good pair of compasses, ruler, protractor and eraser (rubber).

In exams marks are awarded for the ‘working out’ even if the answer is wrong. A large proportion of students are still not showing their method in a clear, ordered way and this is something you can work on.

Finally have a look at these Exam Tips and above all don’t panic!

Featured Activity



Find your way through the maze encountering mathematical operations in the correct order to achieve the given total. This is an addictive challenge that begins easy but develops into quite a difficult puzzle.

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