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The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "The 12 Ways of Christmas" (How many different ways can you make the number 12 using the digits 1 to 4?).

So far this activity has been accessed 583 times and 14 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

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Christmas activities make those December Maths lessons interesting, exciting and relevant. If students have access to computers there are some online activities to keep them engaged such as Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Light Up.

Recent News:

How statistics can aid in the fight against misinformation

Mathematicians created a statistical model that can be used to detect misinformation in social posts. more...

Machine learning helps mathematicians make new connections

Mathematicians have partnered with artificial intelligence to suggest and prove new mathematical theorems. more...

Exploding and weeping ceramics provide path to new shape-shifting material

Researchers have discovered a path that could lead to shape-shifting ceramic materials. This discovery could improve everything from medical devices to electronics. more...

Game theory and economics show how to steer evolution in a better direction

Human behavior drives the evolution of biological organisms in ways that can profoundly adversely impact human welfare. Understanding people's incentives when they do so is essential to identify policies and other strategies to improve evolutionary outcomes. In a new study, researchers bring the tools of economics and game theory to evolution management. more...

Mathematicians derive the formulas for boundary layer turbulence 100 years after the phenomenon was first formulated

Turbulence makes many people uneasy or downright queasy. And it's given researchers a headache, too. Mathematicians have been trying for a century or more to understand the turbulence that arises when a flow interacts with a boundary, but a formulation has proven elusive. more...

When is a basin of attraction like an octopus?

In dynamical systems research, a 'basin of attraction' is the set of all the starting points -- usually close to one another -- that arrive at the same final state as the system evolves through time. The researchers describe a simple argument showing why basins in systems with multiple attractors should look like high-dimensional octopi. more...

A mathematical model to help optimize vaccine development

Scientists are using a mathematical model to better understand the immune response to vaccines. more...

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