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The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "Countdown to Christmas" (A two-player game requiring a strategic way of counting off the days till Christmas.).

So far this activity has been accessed 5211 times and 265 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

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Christmas activities make those December Maths lessons interesting, exciting and relevant. If students have access to computers there are some online activities to keep them engaged such as Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Light Up.

Recent News:

Finding simplicity within complexity

With the theory that for every action, even those seemingly complex and random, there is a math problem that describes it, a researcher is publishing a new formula that helps find that equation quickly. Yes, he's speeding up science. more...

Math approach may make drug discovery more effective, efficient

Researchers have devised a computer-based platform for drug discovery that could make the process more effective, more efficient and less costly. more...

Using math to better treat cancer

Researchers have identified a new method for scheduling radiation therapy that could be as much as 22 percent more effective at killing cancer cells than current standard radiation treatment regimens. more...

Moral behavior pays off

Coupling two approaches of game theory can shed light on how moral norms evolve. more...

Mathematicians explain how some fireflies flash in sync

A new study by mathematicians shows that math borrowed from neuroscience can describe how swarms of these unique insects coordinate their light show, capturing key details about how they behave in the wild. more...

Unveiling the dimensionality of complex networks through hyperbolic geometry

Reducing redundant information to find simplifying patterns in data sets and complex networks is a scientific challenge in many knowledge fields. Moreover, detecting the dimensionality of the data is still a hard-to-solve problem. A new article presents a method to infer the dimensionality of complex networks through the application of hyperbolic geometrics, which capture the complexity of relational structures of the real world in many diverse domains. more...

Mathematical modeling suggests U.S. counties are still unprepared for COVID spikes

America was unprepared for the magnitude of the pandemic, which overwhelmed many counties and filled some hospitals to capacity. A new study suggests there may have been a mathematical method, of sorts, to the madness of those early COVID days. more...

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