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The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "Chain Challenge" (How fast can you perform all of the given operations without using a calculator?).

So far this activity has been accessed 23448 times and 620 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

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Online Logo

Online Logo

An opportunity for students to write a computer program. There is nothing to download, all of the interaction takes place in the browser. Great for understanding angles and the properties of shapes.

Recent News:

Researcher solves nearly 60-year-old game theory dilemma

A researcher has solved a nearly 60-year-old game theory dilemma called the wall pursuit game, with implications for better reasoning about autonomous systems such as driver-less vehicles. more...

Stick to your lane: Hidden order in chaotic crowds

Mathematical research brings new understanding of crowd formation and behavior. more...

Think you're good at math? Study shows it may be because you had equitable math teachers

A new study finds that high school students identify more with math if they see their math teacher treating everyone in the class equitably, especially in racially diverse schools. While the relationship between teacher equity and math identity was evident across races, there was an interesting exception. Black students, in general, had strong math identities, regardless of their teacher's actions.  Learning about the factors that affect student math identity is important because a student's attitude towards the subject influences the courses that they take as well as their future career selections. This study suggests that teachers may have a larger role to play in helping students develop a positive math identity than previously recognized. more...

Artificial Intelligence from a psychologist's point of view

Researchers test cognitive abilities of the language model GPT-3. more...

Reaching like an octopus: A biology-inspired model opens the door to soft robot control

Octopus arms coordinate nearly infinite degrees of freedom to perform complex movements such as reaching, grasping, fetching, crawling, and swimming. How these animals achieve such a wide range of activities remains a source of mystery, amazement, and inspiration. Part of the challenge comes from the intricate organization and biomechanics of the internal muscles. more...

Theory can sort order from chaos in complex quantum systems

Theoretical chemists have developed a theory that can predict the threshold at which quantum dynamics switches from 'orderly' to 'random,' as shown through research using large-scale computations on photosynthesis models. more...

AI analyzes cell movement under the microscope

Using artificial intelligence (AI), researchers can now follow cell movement across time and space. The method could be very helpful for developing more effective cancer medications. more...

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