Sector Sector Sector Sector Sector Sector Sector Sector Sector Sector Sector Sector

Which sectors will fit together to make circles?

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  • Sophie Crombie, Torry Academy
  • Sophie found ABHEG. Great!
  • JF, Leicestershire
  • Yellow numbers on a red background in such tiny font proved to be too tough for students to read easily, a good idea spoilt by the presentation.
  • Mr Norris, Malin Bridge Primary School, Sheffield
  • My amazing Year 5 maths class found 5 solutions!!
    They loved it!
  • Mr Wood, Dulwich College Beijing
  • My Year 4 maths class thought
    I,H and K (Audrey)
    B,C,J and K (Hanlei)
    A, C and I (Daniel)
    B, G, E and H (Andy)
    Dulwich College Beijing.
  • Mr Barr, Abbey Catholic Primary School
  • My Year 5/6 numeracy set loved the challenge. They found many solutions. Well done to Jaimie, Rachel, Isobel and Lucy for finding a solution with 5 sectors!
  • Mrs C, Smithills Bolton
  • Well Done FARHAZ (9c3, Smithills Bolton) for HIK!! Have a fab Half term!

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