Times Tables High Score Chart For Your School or Class

Times Tables High Score Chart For Your School or Class

Many thanks to Matt Curtis from Edgewood Primary School for suggesting this idea.

Let the Tablesmaster and Fast Factors High-Score charts show only pupils from your school or class by following these two simple steps:

1. Ask your pupils to include a letter representing the name of your school with their initials for the high-score chart.

2. Type your school letter in the box below to see a customised high-score chart.

Chart Details Activity:   School letter: @   Show the most recent attempts.


As of December 2022 the number of characters allowed for the High-Score charts is limited to 4. This is due to the occasional bad word that some have typed in which have passed the filter.

 If your school is Valley Park School for example you might agree that everyone should type in their name in the form:


You would then type V into the box above to see the customised High-Score chart for your school.


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"Hi, I love the feature of being able to pull out my classes results from the high score chart for Tablemaster. I also like that when the children claim a trophy for the same activity it automatically creates the best times graph for them. However, if they add the trophy it doesn't go to the high score chart and vice versa. Is there any possibility of combining both processes or allowing the children to choose both options, one after the other rather than having to restart the task each time?"

Nicole, Merryhills
Tuesday, October 10, 2017


"Thanks Nicole for your feedback and suggestion. The way the system is currently up, pupils need to choose one or the other. The data collected is slightly different. For the Trophy an email address or other unique identifier is needed so that the system know which trophy belongs to which person. The high score chart only requires a short nick name, one that others using the high score page can see.
Each page on the Transum website is updated on a rotating programme. Next time this area of the website is updated this suggestion will be considered. Thanks once again for the idea.

[Final thought ... It may be a good thing that a pupil has to achieve a good score twice!]"

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


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