Fast Factors Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Fast Factors in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Alys 15 seconds
Micah18 seconds
Josh MJosh20 seconds
Anon24 seconds
Indie25 seconds

3 Times Table

Elise14 seconds
Red Kites20 seconds
Riley27 seconds
Ava P54 seconds
Riley73 seconds

4 Times Table

Bonnie37 seconds
Lets Gooo39 seconds
Hudson49 seconds

5 Times Table

Elise20 seconds
Natali22 seconds
Cherry25 seconds
Marievee31 seconds
Cherry31 seconds

6 Times Table

Good25 seconds
Good 31 seconds
Indie!38 seconds
Mathser47 seconds
Riley Uwu58 seconds

7 Times Table

Cherry41 seconds
Indie42 seconds
Cherry58 seconds
Sasha62 seconds
H78 seconds

8 Times Table

Fornite20 seconds
Cherry21 seconds
Fortnite26 seconds
Evan28 seconds
Cherry29 seconds

9 Times Table

Elise15 seconds
Sammy20 seconds
Joseph24 seconds
Man City24 seconds
Gx24 seconds

10 Times Table

Alys 12 seconds
Harre13 seconds
Josh M13 seconds
Harre14 seconds
Micah15 seconds

11 Times Table

Indie15 seconds
Elise17 seconds
Alys 20 seconds
Daniel21 seconds
Good22 seconds

12 Times Table

Alys24 seconds
Good 33 seconds
48 seconds
Marievee58 seconds
Isla64 seconds

13 Times Table

Alys27 seconds
Bannana Bo51 seconds

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