Fast Factors Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Fast Factors in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Isab13 seconds
Isab13 seconds
Anna14 seconds
Isab14 seconds
Mana15 seconds

3 Times Table

Mana18 seconds
Nabu20 seconds
Gurp20 seconds
Sami21 seconds
Vinp49 seconds

4 Times Table

Mana20 seconds
Nabu31 seconds
Rrrr32 seconds

5 Times Table

Mana13 seconds
Em15 seconds
Em15 seconds
Gur16 seconds
Nabu17 seconds

6 Times Table

Sami15 seconds
Gur18 seconds
Mana22 seconds
Jays28 seconds
Mana30 seconds

7 Times Table

Sami16 seconds
Kris17 seconds
Eba19 seconds
Mana20 seconds
Mans23 seconds

8 Times Table

Sami17 seconds
Mana22 seconds
Arch28 seconds
Em28 seconds
Sami34 seconds

9 Times Table

Vina20 seconds
Anon24 seconds
Nabu24 seconds
Taj25 seconds
Esma25 seconds

10 Times Table

R11 seconds
R11 seconds
Gur11 seconds
R12 seconds
Anon12 seconds

11 Times Table

Ra11 seconds
Ra12 seconds
Ra12 seconds
Jays13 seconds
Isab14 seconds

12 Times Table

Ran18 seconds
Ran20 seconds
Vinp28 seconds
Isab29 seconds
Taj41 seconds

13 Times Table

Rain18 seconds
Nabu21 seconds
Rain21 seconds
Shib25 seconds
Nabu33 seconds

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