Fast Factors Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Fast Factors in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Jack15 seconds
Aa16 seconds
Jame16 seconds
Jase20 seconds
Leo25 seconds

3 Times Table

Leo16 seconds
Leo28 seconds
Anon30 seconds
Coco32 seconds
Rore39 seconds

4 Times Table

Alex13 seconds
Eva19 seconds

5 Times Table

Cory23 seconds
Leo26 seconds
H26 seconds
Leo30 seconds
Madi35 seconds

6 Times Table

Hi15 seconds
Hi17 seconds
Hi19 seconds
Hi20 seconds
Coco36 seconds

7 Times Table

Leo11 seconds
Anon15 seconds
Sw15 seconds
Sw15 seconds
Sw16 seconds

8 Times Table

Me14 seconds
Sw25 seconds
Jc28 seconds
Madi31 seconds

9 Times Table

Az12 seconds
13 seconds
Az14 seconds
Q14 seconds
Usma15 seconds

10 Times Table

Anon12 seconds
Eva12 seconds
Eva14 seconds
Me15 seconds
Me16 seconds

11 Times Table

Rory18 seconds
Rory20 seconds
Leo22 seconds
Hi24 seconds
Rory25 seconds

12 Times Table

Jame23 seconds
Seb25 seconds
Kitt32 seconds
Seb36 seconds
Jack37 seconds

13 Times Table

Seth27 seconds
E27 seconds
E31 seconds
Jame38 seconds
B98 seconds

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