Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Jensenlanz19 seconds
Jeffrey20 seconds
Jensenlanz20 seconds
Sophie W 21 seconds
Jeffrey22 seconds

3 Times Table

Jeffrey19 seconds
Jeffrey19 seconds
Jensenlanz19 seconds
Jensenlanz20 seconds
Jeffrey20 seconds

4 Times Table

Jensenlanz27 seconds
Meg Here29 seconds
Your Name 29 seconds
Meeeeeg30 seconds
Meg32 seconds

5 Times Table

Jensenlanz24 seconds
Zara30 seconds
jeanb56 seconds
Eve M68 seconds
Sss72 seconds

6 Times Table

Jensenlanz26 seconds
Jensenlanz34 seconds
Chloeeeeee35 seconds
Sophia G36 seconds
Sophia G39 seconds

7 Times Table

Jensenlanz25 seconds
Jensenlanz33 seconds
Bella49 seconds
Jayda75 seconds
Charlotte 93 seconds

8 Times Table

Jensenlanz32 seconds
Bella51 seconds
Rosa516 seconds

9 Times Table

Joan37 seconds
Izzy88 seconds
Fgehuy7fbl109 seconds
Anon138 seconds
Lulu397 seconds

10 Times Table

Jensenlanz18 seconds
Oman20 seconds
Oman20 seconds
Jensenlanz20 seconds
Sophie W 21 seconds

11 Times Table

Jensenlanz22 seconds
Potato26 seconds
Im Blue27 seconds
Why A Name29 seconds
Jeffrey29 seconds

12 Times Table

Rayyan 81 seconds
Sofia163 seconds
Anon187 seconds

13 Times Table

Spidey52 seconds
Jensenlanz68 seconds
Anon88 seconds
Joan92 seconds
Millie A96 seconds

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Transum Tables activities provide a great way to practise your times tables. Play them every day to
help improve your numeracy skills, mathematical proficiency and mental strength.

Average time taken by all the people who have ever attempted Tablesmaster :

53 seconds Number of Seconds
61 seconds Number of Seconds
68 seconds Number of Seconds
56 seconds Number of Seconds
61 seconds Number of Seconds
60 seconds Number of Seconds
62 seconds Number of Seconds
67 seconds Number of Seconds
10  46 seconds Number of Seconds
11  41 seconds Number of Seconds
12  64 seconds Number of Seconds
13  86 seconds Number of Seconds

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You can customise the Tablesmaster and Fast Factors high-score charts for your school or class.


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