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New Activity

The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "Which Transformation?" (Identify which simple transformations these diagrams represent.).

So far this activity has been accessed 66 times and 13 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

Featured Activity

Polygon Pieces

Polygon Pieces

Arrange the nine pieces of the puzzle on the grid to make the given polygon. Level one is for those learning the names of shapes while other levels are for those who like a challenge!

Recent News:

Researchers discover major roadblock in alleviating network congestion

Researchers discovered that congestion control algorithms designed to ensure multiple users sending data over a network do so fairly are actually unable to avoid situations where some users are hogging all the bandwidth. more...

New model predicts how temperature affects life from quantum to classical scales

A new theory explains how every process depends on temperature. This theory could help researchers make accurate predictions in a range of areas, including biological responses to climate change, the spread of infectious diseases, and food production. more...

Go with the flow: New findings about moving electricity could improve fusion devices

Researchers have found that updating a mathematical model to include a physical property known as resistivity could lead to the improved design of doughnut-shaped fusion facilities known as tokamaks. more...

Advocating a new paradigm for electron simulations

Researchers improve a widely used simulation method for high-performance computing clusters. more...

A new model sheds light on how we learn motor skills

Researchers have developed a mathematical model of motor learning that reflects the motor learning process in the human brain. Their findings suggest that motor exploration -- that is, increased variability in movements -- is important when learning a new task. These results may lead to improved motor rehabilitation in patients after injury or disease. more...

Math model predicts efficacy of drug treatments for heart attacks

Researchers used mice to develop a mathematical model of a myocardial infarction. The new model predicts several useful new drug combinations that may one day help treat heart attacks, according to researchers. more...

New, highly tunable composite materials--with a twist

Mathematicians have found that they can design a range of composite materials from moiré patterns created by rotating and stretching one lattice relative to another. Their electrical and other physical properties can change --s ometimes quite abruptly, depending on whether the resulting moiré patterns are regularly repeating or non-repeating. more...

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