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The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "Coins and Notes" (Sharpen your money management skills by accurately calculating sums and working out change.).

So far this activity has been accessed 97 times and 9 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

Featured Activity

Four Colour Theorem

Four Colour Theorem

This mathematical activity involves colouring in! That makes a change. Using the paint bucket tool can you flood fill the regions so that no two adjacent regions are the same colour?

Recent News:

Novel robust-optimal controllers based on fuzzy descriptor system

The Takagi--Sugeno (T--S) fuzzy descriptor system offers a promising avenue for controlling non-linear systems but lacks optimal control strategies. Moreover, while robust control methods have been developed, they add additional complexity. To address these limitations, a team of researchers has developed novel optimal and robust-optimal controllers based on the T--S fuzzy descriptor model, holding great potential for enhanced autonomous systems. more...

The math problem that took nearly a century to solve: Secret to Ramsey numbers

Little progress had been made in solving Ramsey problems since the 1930s. Now, researchers have found the answer to r(4,t), a longstanding Ramsey problem that has perplexed the math world for decades. more...

Powerful new AI can predict people's attitudes to vaccines

A powerful new tool in artificial intelligence is able to predict whether someone is willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. more...

Researchers develop a new control method that optimizes autonomous ship navigation

Existing ship control systems using Model Predictive Control for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) do not consider the various forces acting on ships in real sea conditions. Addressing this gap, researchers developed a novel time-optimal control method, that accounts for the real wave loads acting on a ship, enabling effective planning and control of MASS at sea. more...

Satellites for quantum communications

Through steady advances in the development of quantum computers and their ever-improving performance, it will be possible in the future to crack our current encryption processes. To address this challenge, researchers are developing encryption methods that will apply physical laws to prevent the interception of messages. To safeguard communications over long distances, the QUICK space mission will deploy satellites. more...

Balancing training data and human knowledge makes AI act more like a scientist

When you teach a child how to solve puzzles, you can either let them figure it out through trial and error, or you can guide them with some basic rules and tips. Similarly, incorporating rules and tips into AI training -- such as the laws of physics --could make them more efficient and more reflective of the real world. However, helping the AI assess the value of different rules can be a tricky task. more...

Method rapidly verifies that a robot will avoid collisions

A new safety-check technique can prove with 100 percent accuracy that a planned robot motion will not result in a collision. The method can generate a proof in seconds and does so in a way that can be easily verified by a human. more...

Latest News:

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