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Starter Of The Day


A different Mathematics lesson starter for each day of the year designed to engage learners with a range of puzzles, exercises and creative ideas. Click on a date in the calendar above for the Starter Of The Day.

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June 2024

🦗 Judge and Wig Puzzle
🦗 Trig-Pythag Fusion
🦗 Position Practice
🦗 17-year Bugs
🦗 ChatGPT 4o
🦗 Rain Percentage

June's Newsletter :: Podcasts

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May 2024

💷 Maths Equipment Puzzle
💷 Coins and Notes
💷 Geometric Sequences
💷 AI Companion
💷 Exam Revision Resources

May's Newsletter :: Podcasts

April 2024

🃏 What's D Worth?
🃏 Pythagorean Probe
🃏 Uniqueness Game
🃏 April Fool
🃏 Podcast
🃏 Binary Joke

April's Newsletter :: Podcasts

March 2024

🐇 Easter Activities
🐇 New Resources
🐇 Functional Skills
🐇 Pi Day
🐇 World Book Day
🐇 Poetry Day

March's Newsletter :: Podcasts

February 2024

🐸 Leap Year
🐸 Integration Flowchart
🐸 International Baccalaureate
🐸 GCSE Maths Earnings
🐸 Steep Learning Curve
🐸 February Special Days

February's Newsletter :: Podcasts

January 2024

📆 New Year Puzzle
📆 Cathetus Theorem
📆 School Holiday Activities
📆 Betting Odds
📆 Why Learn Maths?
📆 Biggest Number

January's Newsletter :: Podcasts

December 2023

⛄ Festive Puzzle
⛄ ChristMaths Collection
⛄ AIs Disagree
⛄ New Maths Resources
⛄ More or Less
⛄ Advent Calendar

December's Newsletter :: Podcasts

November 2023

🧨 Puzzle of the Month
🧨 Fibonacci Day
🧨 AI now has eyes!
🧨 New Maths Resources
🧨 Firewords
🧨 Gross Joke

November's Newsletter :: Podcasts

October 2023

🎃 Whopping Million
🎃 Updated Resources
🎃 Pattern Clues
🎃 Teaching Strategies
🎃 Halloween
🎃 Number Bases Joke!

October's Newsletter :: Podcasts

September 2023

🎯 Divided Dartboard
🎯 Back To School
🎯 Rounding Rules
🎯 How do you say 92?
🎯 Talk Like a Pirate
🎯 Maths Joke!

September's Newsletter :: Podcasts

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