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  Title Description
S5.5 Times TableWrite out the 5.5 times table as far as possible.
S9:50 PuzzleA little lateral thinking might help you solve this puzzle.
SA NumberWhen written as a word or words what is the smallest positive whole number containing the letter 'a'?
SA Thousand and OneDevelop a quick way of mentally multiplying any number by 1001.
SA Very Strange GameFour different actions depending on the number which appears.
SAbsolutely EveryoneA choice of questions about the current world population which is constantly changing.
SAbundant BusesA game based around the concept of factors and abundant numbers.
SAdd 'emAdd up a sequence of consecutive numbers. Can you find a quick way to do it?
SAdd QuickulationsCalculations appear on the screen every few seconds. This mental arithmetic starter provides pace to the start of the Maths lesson.
SAddleArrange the numbers 1 to 14 in the circles so that the sums are correct.
SAir Traffic ControlWork out which aircraft are in danger of colliding from their positions and direction of travel. An exercise in understanding bearings.
AAirport SecurityThe old lady has a misconception about conditional probability
AAlgebraic ProductFinding the value of the expression is easier than you think!
SAll for 100Can you write an expression for 100 which uses all the digits 1 to 9?
SAll The NinesAdd up all the multiples of nine in an elegant way.
SAlphanumbeticalA challenge to find the number which when written as a word has all the letters in alphabetical order.
SAnagramsCan you un-jumble these mathematical words?
SAnalogiesMake more of analogies to help remember mathematical concepts.
SAncient MysteriesThis activity requires students to memorise fifteen numbers in a three by five grid.
SAngle EstimatesEstimate the sizes of each of the angles then add your estimates together.
AAngle ThinkingFind the range of possible angles, x, for which tan x > cos x > sin x
RAnimals at the OasisCalculate the number of animals gathered at the oasis according to the clues.
SArea TwoHow many different shapes with an area of 2 square units can you make by joining dots on this grid with straight lines?
SArithmagonsThis lesson starter requires pupils to find the missing numbers in this partly completed arithmagon puzzle.
RAudible RiddlesListen to these audible mathematical riddles and use your ingenuity to figure out the answers.
SAunt Sophie's Post OfficeWork out the number of stamps needed to post a parcel.
SAunty DottyA real life situation requiring the division an amount of money according to a given ratio.
AAverage Cycling SpeedWork out the average speed of two journeys. The obvious answer is not the correct answer.
SAverage SmileCalculate the mean, median and range of the given scores.
ABack To The FactoryFind all the numbers below 1000 which have exactly 20 factors
SBalloon Bursting ButtonsUse only the 1, 5 and 0 keys on a calculator to make given totals.
ABarmy BIDMASA misleading way of stating the answer to a simple calculation.
ABertrand's Box ParadoxBertrand's box paradox is a paradox of elementary probability theory, first posed by Joseph Bertrand in 1889
ABest DiceWhich of the unusual dice would you choose to give you the best chance of winning the prize?
ABiased CoinUse a biased coin to obtain a fair result
SBig BieberIf the dimensions of an object double, its volume increases by a factor of eight.
SBig OrderEstimate or calculate then put the large numbers in order of size.
SBirthday CluesWork out the date Will was born by answering some number questions.
SBizarre TriangleBy how much would the area of this triangle increase if its base was enlarged to 8cm?
SBlotsThe calculations are obscured by ink blots. What do you think the calculations would look like if there were no blots?
SBook WormWork out the distance the book worm needs to eat through to get to the back cover of the last book.
SBoxing DayWork out the contents and the cost of the Christmas boxes from the given clues.
SBreathe EasilyHow many breaths have you taken in your lifetime?
SBridge CrossingThe classic puzzle of finding a route which crosses each bridge once.
SBroken Calculator (2 and 3)Make the numbers 1 to 10 using only the keys on the broken calculator.
SBroken Calculator (3 and 4)Some keys are missing from this calculator. Just how useful is it?
SBroken Calculator (4 and 5)Which numbers can be made with the buttons which have not yet dropped off this calculator?
SBTSYou have four minutes to write down as many equations as you can involving B, T and S.
RBus DriverA riddle about a bus driver on quite a busy route.
SBus StopHow many different ways can four people stand in line?
SCalc-A-HundredA game for two players requiring a calculator and thinking skills.
SCalculator NimA game in which players take turns to add a single-digit number to what is already in the calculator. The winner is the player who makes the display show 30.
RCalendar ClueFind the murderer from the clue written on the calendar
RCalendar RiddleWork out the date of my birthday from the clues in rhyme.
SCan You Decide?Recognise odd, even, square, prime and triangular numbers.
ACar InequalitiesSolve three simultaneous inequalities to find how many cars I own.
SCarsCalculate the total cost of four cars from the information given.
ACatering for a FunctionFind f(x) given f(x-1).
ACharging RhinosFind the easy way to solve this kinematics problem involving a fly and two rhinos.
ACheryl's BirthdayUse a process of elimination to work out the correct date from the clues given.
SChin-UpsWork out the number of chin ups the characters do on the last day of the week give information about averages.
SChoc Bar ChartInterpret data given in the form of a bar chart then create a new bar chart showing the given statistics.
SChristmas BellsIf all the bells ring together at noon, at what time will they next all ring together? This problem requires the use of LCM.
SChristmas EveIs there a pattern in the number of palindromic numbers to be found less than powers of 10?
SChristmas Eve SnowEach different letter stands for a different digit. Can you make sense of this word sum?
SChristmas OrnamentsA Maths Starter activity requiring students to arrange Christmas ornaments in a square box.
SChristmas PresentsWork out the total cost of five Christmas presents from the information given.
SChristmas TablesWhich of the two shapes has the largest area? You will be surprised!
SClockEquateCan you use the digits on the left of this clock along with any mathematical operations to equal the digits on the right?
SCloudsSome calculations are partly obscured. Work out what those calculations might be.
SCoins in EnvelopesFifteen pennies are placed in four envelopes and the envelopes are sealed. It is possible to pay someone any amount from 1p to 15p by giving them one or more envelopes.
SCoins On The TableA puzzle about the number of coins on a table given information about fractions of them.
SColoured SheepWhat is the probability of picking a red sheep from the sheep in the field?
RCompany or Crowd?If two's company and three's a crowd, what's four and five?
SConnecting RulesGive 20 rules connecting x and y given their values.
SConsecutiveThree consecutive numbers multiplied together give a given product. Pupils are asked to figure out what the numbers are.
SConsecutive SquaresWhat do you notice about the difference between the squares of consecutive numbers?
SConsecy BrothersWhich three consecutive numbers multiplied together give the given answer.
ACoordinate DistanceFind k given that(-2,k) is 13 units away from (10,9)
ACos 10 Equals pFind the trigonometric values in terms of the given value, p.
SCountdownHow close can you get to the target by making a calculation from the five numbers given?
SCracked ClockHow did the clock break if the numbers on each of the pieces added up to the same total?
SCracker JokeAnswer the mental arithmetic questions then convert the answers to letters to find the joke.
SCross PerimeterCalculate the distance around the given shape
RCube AgesCalculate the mean age of the two fathers and two sons with the given clues.
SCube CalendarWhat numbers should be on each face of the two cubes to make this perpetual calendar?
ACuboidFind the dimensions of a cuboid matching the description given
SCunning CodeDecode the message by doing the calculations given for each letter.
ACurved AnglesHow many right angles are there in a semicircle?
SDancingWork out how many people were at the dance from the clues given.
SDice NetsDetermine whether the given nets would fold to produce a dice.
SDice ReflectionsA dice is reflected in two mirrors. What numbers can be seen?
ADifference CipherFind the mathematical word from the cipher
SDigital LightsQuestions about the Small LEDs used to make up the digits on a calculator display.
SDigivideArrange the digits 1 to 6 to make a three digit number divided by a two digit number giving a one digit answer.
SDimidiateArrange the digits from 1 to 9 in alphabetical order. How many times can this number be halved?
SDivided AgeHow old is a person if when her age is divided by certain numbers, the calculator display ending are as shown.
ADivisible by 11Can you prove that a three digit number whose first and third digits add up to the value of the second digit must be divisible by eleven?
SDivision QuickulationsRandom division calculations appear on screen every few seconds.
RDoctor's SonThe doctor's son's age does not add up!
RDoes not add up!Why would eight and five add up to one?
SDon't Touch!A number placing puzzle which, when solved, raises the notion of proof.
ADouble or Half?At ten percent change per day is doubling achieved faster than halving?
SDouble TroubleBegin with one, double it, double it again and so on. How many numbers in this sequence can you write down before the register has been called?
AEight to the UnknownSolve the equation using the laws of indices
SEleven Plus TwoRearrange the letters in the expression 'Eleven Plus Two' to make another expression with the same value.
SEleventh of the EleventhPractise multiplying and dividing by eleven in your head.
SEstimatingEstimate the lengths of four lines then add your answers together.
SEstimating PercentagesEstimate the percentages of full circles and rectangles the sectors represent.
AExceeds by 99Find the number whose double exceeds its half by exactly 99.
SExponential ErrorThis lesson starter presents a number of statements about indices and pupils are asked if they can spot the mistake.
AExponential TrigonometryFind, in degrees, all eight of the solutions to the given exponential, trigonometric equation
SFaces and EdgesFind the number of faces, edges and vertices on some familiar objects.
SFactuplesSpot the factors and the multiples amongst the numbers in the grid.
SFamily BusesFit families onto eleven seater buses without splitting up the families.
SFaulty ButtonFind out which of the calculator keys is faulty from the given information. A mathematical puzzle requiring good problem solving strategies.
AFence OptimisationFind the length of a rectangle enclosing the largest possible area.
AFermi ProblemThe classic Fermi problem using standard estimation techniques
SFiguratively SpeakingWrite the numbers written as words using digits.
AFind The RadiusFind the radius of the circle from the small amount of information provided.
SFirewordsFind words which cost 100p if A costs 1p, B costs 2p etc
SFive DigitsFive digits have the same mean, median, mode and range.
SFlabbergastedIf each number in a sequence must be a factor or multiple of the previous number what is the longest sequence that can be made from the given numbers?
SFlowchartUse the flowchart to generate a sequence of numbers. Which number will reach 1 the fastest?
SFly CatchingFind which whole number divided by another whole number gives the answer: 1.090909091
SFor StartersFour problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
SFor ThoughtAdd up the answers to the four real life questions.
SFour FactorsFind four single digit numbers that multiply together to give 120. How many different ways are there of answering this question?
AFour Fraction DivisionExplain why the answer to a series of fraction divisions is a whole number.
SFour GoneAn activity involving a broken calculator which is missing the four button. Can you evaluate the given expressions without using the four?
SFour Make 999Find four numbers from those given that add up to 999. How many different sets of four numbers can be found?
SFour ProblemsFor mathematical questions to get everyone thinking at the beginning of the lesson.
SFour to SevenWhich of the numbers from one to twenty can you make with the digits 4, 5, 6 and 7?
SFour's IndependenceA clock face containing only the number 4. Can you make a clock face containing any other single number?
SFractangleCan you see what fractions of the shapes have been shaded? It is not as difficult as it first appears.
SFraction OrderArrange the fractions and decimals in order from smallest to largest.
SFractions Decimals PercentagesConvert fractions to decimals, decimals to percentages and percentages to fractions.
RFractions of AnimalsWhat is three sevenths of a chicken, two thirds of a cat and 50% of a goat?
SFreemason's CipherFind symmetric words in this ancient cipher.
RFried EggsHow many eggs remain after the events that took place in the kitchen?
RFruit SnacksWork out the numbers of each type of fruit bought for snacks
AGDC ChallengeProduce the given graph on a graphic display calculator
AGeometry SnackFind the value of the marked angle in this diagram from the book Geometry Snacks
SGet A Wiggle OnA mixture of calculations to get your brain working at the start of a mathematics lesson.
AGhosts or Papua New GuineaA probability prediction based on a biased sample
SGiraffeThe height of this giraffe is three and a half metres plus half of its height. How tall is the giraffe?
SGoat GrazingFind the loci of the goat's position as it eats the grass while tethered to the rope.
AGrandmotherHow far would grandma have travelled after a suitably large number of days given her walking regime?
SGraph PicturePlot the given coordinates then join them up to form a picture.
RGrowing FastHow can it be that Percy will be 16 next year when he was only 13 the day before yesterday?
SGuitar For SaleA question about the profit made when buying and selling a guitar.
SHalf a DozenSix calculations to complete without a calculator.
SHalf a PoundIf A costs 1p, B costs 2p, etc can you find a word which costs exactly 50p?
SHalf and HalfStart with 100. Halve it to get 50. Halve that to get 25. Continue as far as possible.
SHalf HeartedFind the number which when added to the top (numerator) and bottom (denominator) of each fraction make it equivalent to one half.
SHalloweenFive problems with a Halloween theme.
SHalve itStart with 512. Halve it to get 256. Halve it to get 128. Continue as far as possible.
AHands TogetherThe hands of a clock are together at midnight. At what time are they next together?
SHandshakesIf all the students in this room shook hands with each other, how many handshakes would there be altogether?
SHappy New YearWork out the date for various given amounts of time after the beginning of the year.
SHappy NumbersTo find out whether a number is happy or not, square each of its digits, add the answers and repeat. If you end up with 1 the number is happy! How many other happy numbers can you find?
AHCF and LCM givenIf given the HCF, LCM can you find the numbers?
SHexagonOn a full page in the back of your exercise book draw a perfectly regular hexagon.
SHigh InterestFinding a good personal loan requires an ability to calculate percentage and this page provides some practice.
SHold 'Em Up!Everyone in the class holds up an item to show which is the correct answer to the multiple choice question.
SHot EstimatesEstimate the number of chillies in the photograph.
SHot NumbersMove the numbered cards to form five 2 digit numbers which are all multiples of three.
SHot Summer TestWrite out a large times table. Get as far as possible in 5 minutes.
SHotel DigitalA puzzle about the lifts in a hotel which serve floors based on the day of the week.
SHotel SumviewCan you work out what rooms at the hotel the family booked to produce the given bill?
SHours To GoHow many full hours are left till the end of the year?
SHouse NumbersThe numbers on five houses next to each other add up to 70. What are those five numbers?
SHow Do You Do?A little lateral thinking will help you solve this number puzzle.
AHow Many Left Handers?Work out the number of members if the probability of left-handed members being randomly selected is given.
SHow many of Each?Pens cost 12p each, Pencils cost 9p each, Richard spent 72p altogether. How many pens and pencils did he buy?
SHow Many Rectangles?How many rectangles can you find in this pattern? Can you come up with a systematic method for counting them all?
SHow Many Squares? 1Work out how many squares are there altogether in the given pattern then tackle the chess board.
SHow Many Squares? 2How many squares can be found by joining four dots on the grid?
SHow Many Triangles? 1How many Triangles can you find in the diagram?
SHow Many Triangles? 2How many triangles are hidden in the pattern? What strategy might you use to count them all to ensure you don't miss any out?
SHow Many Triangles? 3Find a systematic way of counting the number of triangles in the given diagram.
AHundred and Fifty PercentDivide 110 into two parts so that the larger part is 150% of the smaller part.
SIce CreamHow many different ice cream cones can be made by choosing two scoops from six flavours?
SIcosahedronHow many triangles are there on the surface of a regular icosahedron.
SIn Your HeadHere are the simple percentage calculations everyone should be able to do in their heads.
SInbetween TableWrite down as many multiples of 3.5 as possible in 3.5 minutes.
SInbetweensFind fractions between two given values.
AIndex EquationSolve x squared equals sixteen to the power of x
SIntents ExcitementWork out the mathematical words missing from the story about buying a tent.
AIs it a Number?A mathematical object is a number if it ...
SJeopardyLoosely based on the famous television show, how many questions cn you come up with for a given answer?
SJust Four QuestionsFour mathematical questions to think about at the beginning of the lesson.
SJustundera QuidFind a word whose letters would cost exactly ninety nine pence.
AKey ElevenProve that a four digit number constructed in a certain way will be a multiple of eleven.
SKhmer's HomeworkCheck a student's homework. If you find any of the answers are wrong write down a sentence or two explaining what he did wrong.
SKim's Game 1This is the Maths version of the traditional memory game. Memorise 10 mathematical facts then recall them as they disappear from view.
SKim's Game 2This is the Maths version of the traditional memory game. Memorise 10 mathematical facts then recall them as they disappear from view.
SKim's Game 3This is the Maths version of the traditional memory game. Memorise 10 mathematical facts then recall them as they disappear from view.
SKnow WeighFind the weight of one cuboid (by division) of each colour then add your answers together.
SKnow Your PlaceWithout a calculator perform some calculations requiring a knowledge of place value.
SLast DayThe 31st of December is the last day of the year. What mathematical lasts do you know?
SLeap YearA question about the birthdays of a child born on the 29th February.
SLemon LawChange the numbers on the apples so that the number on the lemon is the given total.
SLess ThanThis mathematics lesson starter invites pupils to interpret a three part algebraic inequality.
SLetter Clue CalculationsWork out what the calculations might be from the letter clues.
SLetters in a NumberQuestions about the number of letters in numbers.
SLight ShoppingA lamp and a bulb together cost 32 pounds. The lamp costs 30 pounds more than the bulb. How much does the bulb cost?
ALog PerfectionDetermine whether the given statements containing logarithms are true or false
ALogarithm EquationSolve an equation containing logarithms with different bases
SLoopy LakeMatch the fractions to their decimal equivalents and join them with lines that do not cross.
SLost SheepWhich algebraic expression is the odd one out?
SLove MathsFind the nine mathematical words hidden in the love story. The last letters of the hidden words form an anagram of the name of a famous mathematician.
SLyric Lacking LimerickFind the words missing from the mathematical limerick.
SM for MathematicsWrite down as many mathematical words as possible that begin with the letter M.
SMaggotsDo as many of the calculations as possible before the maggots infest!
SMagic SquareArrange the numbers 1 to 9 in a 3 by 3 grid to form a magic square.
SMatch FishA classic matchstick puzzle designed to challenge your spacial awareness.
SMaths CrosswordA small crossword puzzle containing mathematical words.
SMaths In SchoolFind mathematical words which can be made by using the letters in the name of your school?
SMathster MindGuess the four digit number with help from the clues.
SMathterpieceMemorise a picture made up of geometrical shapes
AMaximum ProductTwo numbers add up to 10. What's the largest possible product they could have?
SMay DayAdd together the dates of all the Thursdays in May this year. Which day sum is largest?
SMemor SeaTwelve numbers in a seascape need to be memorised in order to answer the five questions.
SMental Maths QuizA traditional twenty question mental arithmetic test presented as a PowerPoint presentation.
SMental Maths TestThe starter is a PowerPoint file containing a twenty question mental arithmetic test. It will advance from one question to the next automatically.
SMeta ProductsWhich numbers when multiplied by the number of letters in the word(s) of the number give square numbers?
SMiddle of CentresThe blue point is exactly in the middle of two red points. What are their coordinates?
SMirror MathsThe bottom half of some symmetrical calculations are shown above. Can you work out the answers?
SMissing digitsFind which digits are missing from the randomly generated calculations.
SMissing LengthsIntroduce linear equations by solving these problems about lengths.
SMissing OperationsEach red box represents a missing operation (+, -, x or ÷). Can you work out what they are?
SMissing PoundA puzzle about a restaurant bill. Exactly where did the missing pound go?
SMissing Square PuzzleThe missing square puzzle is an optical illusion used to help students reason about geometrical figures.
SMissing TermsFind the missing terms from these linear sequences.
SMix and MatchWork out which team played which from the information given.
SMoon LengthsEstimate the distances shown on this photograph of the moon's surface.
RMoses' RosesHow can ten roses be planted in five rows of four?
SMovie MinutesCalculations involving hours and minutes based on the runing times of popular DVDs.
SMs TaykeHow many times can you take one number from another?
SMult Sum Diff DivFor each pair of numbers multiply the sum by the difference then divide the answer by 5.
SMulti-Toil PanicCopy and complete the multiplication grid. The higher levels include negative numbers.
AMultiple of sum of digitsWhat number is six times the sum of its digits?
SMultiply QuickulationsRandom multiplications appear on screen every few seconds.
SMultiply, Add, Subtract and DivideFor each pair of numbers subtract the sum from the product then divide the result by 20 without a calculator.
SMystery NumbersCan you recognise the mystery numbers from the clues?
SMystic MathsWork out why subtracting a two digit number from its reverse gives a multiple of nine.
SName AgainWork out what the nth letter will be in a recurring pattern of letters in a person's name
SNegative NumbersPerform calculations involving negative numbers
SNegative VibesPractise techniques for answering questions involving negative numbers.
SNews CommonFollow the compass directions given in the squares to find where the route starts?
ANine Digit NumbersHow many different nine digit numbers are their that contain each of the digits from one to nine?
SNine Digit SumArrange the digits one to nine to make a correct addition calculation.
SNine Nine NineArrange the numbers 1-9 to make three 3 digit numbers that add up to 999.
SNo PartnerFind which numbers in a given list do not combine with other numbers on the list to make a given sum.
SNoodlewhackDivide one whole number by another on your calculator. If the answer has one digit repeated but no other digits you have a Noodlewhack.
SNorth Pole TestThis starter requires you to write out a difficult times table.
SNot MultiplesWrite down the numbers from a list which are not multiples of a given number.
SNot Too CloseThis activity requires eight students to sit non consecutively on a grid of chairs.
SNoughts and CrossesIn how many different ways can the first X and O by placed on the grid?
SNumber RecallCan you improve your ability to remember telephone numbers?
SNumber RiddlesCan you work out the numbers from the given clues.
SNumbers in wordsWrite out in words some numbers writen as digits (optional pirate theme)
SOblongsFind the dimensions of a rectangle given the perimeter and area.
SOdd One OutFrom the numbers given, find the one that is the odd one out.
SOdd Percent OutA number of simple percentage calculations are given. The answers are in pairs. Which is the odd one out?
SOn The DoubleDouble the numbers given in the table.
SOne Digit 100How many ways can you write an expression for 100 which only uses the same digit repeated and any operations?
SOne FifthInvestigate three fractions which add together to give one fifth.
SOne NinthInvestigate three fractions which add together to give one ninth.
SOne oneContinue the given number pattern with the help of a little lateral thinking.
SOne out of TenThis Mathematics lesson starter has been designed for April Fool's Day. Don't be caught out!
SOne Torch TunnelWork out the least amount of time for four people to walk through a tunnel?
SOnly One NumberFind other numbers that can be changed to 1 on a calculator using only the 4 key and any operation.
AOther Child's GenderWhat is the probability that the other child is also a boy?
SOutnumberedWhich group of four numbers, arranged in a square, has the largest total?
SOverlapping SquaresIf two squares overlap, what shapes can the overlapping region make?
APaper RatioCalculate the ratio of the sides of an A4 sheet of paper without any measuring.
APaper Surprising PerimeterFind the perimeter of a folded sheet of A4 paper as described in this short video.
SParadoxCan you solve this paradox by agreeing whether the statements are right or wrong?
AParallel GraphsDetermine from their equations which of the straight line graphs are parallel and perpendicular.
SPeanuts and ButtonsTwo questions involving estimating a quantity.
SPears Make SquaresFind three numbers such that each pair of numbers adds up to a square number.
APenny BagsCan you place 63 pennies in bags in such a way that you can give away any amount of money (from 1p to 63p) by giving a selection of these prepacked bags?
SPentaddFive numbers are added together in pairs and the sums shown. What might the five numbers be?
SPentagonOn a full page in the back of your exercise book draw a perfectly regular pentagon.
SPercenTableComplete the table by calculating common percentages without using a calculator.
APerennial RivalsWhich football team will be first to win four games?
SPerfect NumbersSix is a perfect number as it is the sum of its factors. Can you find any other perfect numbers?
APermutable FunctionsFind pairs of functions that are commutative under composition.
SPi DayMarch 14th is Pi Day. The third month and the 14th day relates to 3.14 which is pi to three significant figures. How many figures of pi can you memorise?
SPick From The PotThe pot contains 10 counters which are being randomly removed and replaced. How many of each colour do you think are in the pot?
SPie ChartAn exercise in estimating what the sectors of a pie chart represent.
APiece of StringFind where a piece of string should be cut to form a circle and a square of equal areas.
SPipeline PuzzleArrange the numbers so that the totals of the three numbers along any pipe are the same.
APizza SliceA problem which can be solved by considering the areas of a triangle and a sector of a circle.
SPlane NumbersArrange numbers on the plane shaped grid to produce the given totals
SPlanet NumpairThe sum and product are given, can you find the two numbers?
SPlant More TreesIf six girls can plant 90 trees in a day. How many trees can ten girls plant in a day? The unitary method.
SPlusA number puzzle suitable for children with a wide range of abilities.
SPlus FourWork out the answers to the four given sums then add the answers together.
SPolygon Riddle 1Solve the riddle to find the name of the polygon then sum the interior angles.
SPolygon Riddle 2A "My first is in..." type riddle leading to a polygon interior angle calculation.
SPolygon Riddle 3A 'My first is in...' riddle that describes a geometrical shape. Can you construct it?
SPositions PleaseStand at the point between the classroom walls to represent a given number.
AProduct of IndicesFind the product of the unknown indices that feature in two equations
SProduct PlacementArrange the numbers to produce the largest product.
SProduct PracticeWork out the answers to the given calculations then add the answers together. There are three different levels of difficulty.
SPuddingsComplete the calculations with the weights of the puddings
SPYAYou have four minutes to write down as many equations as you can involving the given letters.
SPyramid PuzzleArrange numbers at the bottom of the pyramid which will give the largest total at the top.
SQuad AreasCalculate the areas of all the possible quadrilaterals that can be constructed by joining together dots on this grid.
AQuad MidpointsWhat shape is created when the midpoints of the sides of a quadrilateral are joined together?
SQuick PercentagesSimple percentage questions appear on screen then fade every 8 seconds. This Starter is customisable.
SQuotientsWork out the answers to the given division calculations then add the answers together.
SRabbits and ChickensThere are some rabbits and chickens in a field. Calculate how many of each given the number of heads and feet.
SRail WeighUse the weights of the trains to work out the weight of a locomotive and a coach. A real situation which produces simultaneous equations.
SRecurring DecimalUse your calculator to find which whole number divided by another whole number gives a recurring decimal.
SRed LinesEither estimate the lengths of the red lines or, if you know how, calculate how long they are.
SReflective CatOn squared paper copy the drawing of the face then reflect it in three different lines.
SRefreshing RevisionIt is called Refreshing Revision because every time you refresh the page you get different revision questions.
SRegisterWhen the register is called answer with a multiple of 7.
RRejuvenateA girl was 16 years old in 2010 but just 8 years old in 2018
SRender DigitfulFind a calculation for the current year which uses all of the digits 1 to 9.
ARestrained FleaHow many different places could the flea find itself after 8 foot-long jumps either north, south, east or west?
AReverse ConnectionFind a general rule for the difference between a two digit number and that same number with the digits reversed.
ARice on a Chess BoardHow many grains of rice are on a chess board if each square has twice the number of grains as the previous square.
ARich or Poor?An interesting outcome of percentage increase and decrease
ARoad ConnectionsDesign roads to connect four houses that are on the corners of a square, side of length one mile, to minimise the total length of the roads.
SRoman NumeralsLearn a very different method for writing numbers using Roman numerals.
ARope Around The WorldImagine a long rope wrapped around Earth's equator - One metre longer than it needs to be.
SRopey SnowballsArrange the numbers on the snowballs so that no two consecutive numbers are directly connected by rope.
RRosie's CubeHow many of the small cubes does Rosie need to complete the big cube?
SRotational SymmetryDraw a pattern with rotational symmetry of order 6 but no line symmetry.
SRoundaboutGo around the roundabout performing each of the operations. Which starting point gives the largest answer?
SRounding 1dpRound off the given numbers to 1 decimal place then add the answers together.
SRounding 2dpRound off the given numbers to 2 decimal places then add the answers together.
SRounding WholeRound off the given numbers to the nearest whole number then add the answers together.
SRoute to Las VegasWork out the cheapest way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by choosing the best route and adding up the given numbers.
SRows of RosesCan you draw 4 straight lines, without taking your pencil off the paper, which pass through all 9 roses?
SSame SameA problem involving two people's ages which can be solved using algebra.
ASame Series SumFind an arithmetic series and a geometric series that have the same sum of the first five terms.
ASame Three DigitsFind expressions which contain indices and evaluate to numbers containing the same digits.
SSanta's SleighWork out the number of clowns and horses given the number of heads and feet.
SSatisfactionRearrange the numbers, row and column headings so that this table is mathematically correct.
SScaramoucheCan you work out from the five clues given what the mystery number is?
SSea ShellsA question which can be best answered by using algebra.
SSecond HolidayEstimate then work out the period of time equal to the given number of seconds.
SSecret SymbolPlace a symbol between the four and the five to get a number greater than four and less than five.
SSectorsWork out which sectors fit together to make complete circles. Knowledge of the sum of the angles at a point will help find more than one correct solution to this puzzle.
SSeeing SquaresHow many square numbers can be found in the grid of digits.
SSeparated TwinsCan you find a 14 digit number containing two each of the digits one to seven which obeys the rules given?
SSequence DancingFind the next term of the number sequences.
ASeventeen CamelsExplain the mathematics of the classic ninteenth century fraction sharing story.
SShadow SumsMake sums from the three digit numbers given.
RSharing ApplesShare five apples between five children while leaving one in the basket.
RShip's LadderHow many rungs of a rope ladder remain above the water line after the tide has risen two metres?
SShopping ListA quick quiz about five items on a shopping list written 40 years ago.
SShunting ProblemAllow two trains to pass by using the limited amount of siding space.
SSiam SymbolsCan you work out what each of the strange symbols represents in these calculations?
RSibling CountHow many boys and how many girls are there in the family?
SSid's SchemesWork out which is the best scheme for Sid to choose for his summer bonus. One scheme involves a common misconception about percentages.
SSign SequencesContinue the sequences if you can work out the rule.
SSimple NimThe classic game of Nim played with a group of pens and pencils. The game can be extended to the multi-pile version.
ASimplifySimplify an algebraic fraction
SSimultaneous OccasionsA problem which can best be solved as a pair of simultaneous equations.
ASingers and DancersWhat fraction of the singers and dancers are both singers and dancers?
ASingle FractionSimplify an expression involving fractions, exponents and a square root.
SSix DiscriminationAn activity involving a calculator which is missing the six button. Can you evaluate the given expressions without using the six?
SSix KeysUse just six calculator keys to make a total of 20. In how many different ways can it be done?
SSix of the BestSix calculations to perform without a calculator.
SSmall SatisfactionArrange the digits one to nine in the grid so that they obey the row and column headings.
RSmart AnimalsWho is most likely to be able to work out the square root of 121?
SSnowman and WomanHow many different ways can you spell out the word snowman by moving from snowflake to snowflake.
ASorcerer's ApprenticesThe difference between random selection and an 'at least' scenario involving sorcerer's apprentices.
ASpeed CirclesFind the diameters of the circles in the corners of the square.
ASphere HoleFind the volume of the remaining part of a sphere after a 10cm cylindrical hole has been drilled through it.
SSpider SequencesFind the next term of the given number sequences. Can you also find a general rule for predicting the nth term of the sequence?
SSpinsumArrange the numbers on the grid of squares so that the totals along each line of three squares are equal.
SSquare and EvenArrange the numbers on the cards so that each of the three digit numbers formed horizontally are square numbers and each of the three digit numbers formed vertically are even.
SSquare AnglesFind a trapezium, a triangle and a quadrilateral where all of the angles are square numbers.
SSquare Christmas TreeDraw a picture of a Christmas tree using only square numbers.
SSquare Circle KiteWrite down the names of all the mathematical shapes you know.
ASquare in RectangleFind the area of a square drawn under the diagonal of a rectangle
SSquare PairsArrange the numbered trees so that adjacent sums are square numbers.
ASquare Root of 1%What is the square root of one percent?
SSquare SequenceWrite out as many square numbers as possible in 4 minutes.
SSquare ThinkersCan you find three square numbers where the third is the sum of the first two?
SSquared AnimalsSeparate three rows of three animals using three squares.
SSquigitsA challenge to find numbers which have each of their digits as square numbers.
SSt IvesThe traditional "As I was going to St Ives" riddle.
SStable ScalesSolve these balance puzzles by taking the same away from both sides. An introduction to linear equations.
SStacks of SumsWrite down many different types of calculations which give a particular answer.
SStair PerimeterUse the information implied in the diagram to calculate the perimeter of this shape.
SStar Wars DayEstimate the size of an alien given the size of their hand. This could be an introduction to scale factors.
SStarting WithWrite down as many mathematical words as possible that begin with a particular letter.
SStencilsWhich of the coloured stencils will fit over the numbered card to produce correct calculations?
SStep PerimeterIs it possible to work out the perimeter of this shape if not all the side lengths are given?
SStrange TablesA challenge to learn an unfamiliar times table involving decimals.
SStructured SettlementWithout a calculator match a a pie slice to a calculation to an answer.
SStudent LoansSix students borrow £5000 to help pay for their university course. Calculate how much each student will have to pay back to the lender.
SSubtract QuickulationsCalculations appear on the screen every few seconds.
SSudoku SumWhat is the sum of the numbers missing from the given Sudoku puzzle?
SSukoInteractive number-based logic puzzle similar to those featuring in The Times and Telegraph newspapers.
SSum Equals ProductWhat are the numbers if their sum equals their product?
SSum of the SignsEach traffic sign stands for a number. Some of the sums of rows and columns are shown. What numbers might the signs stand for?
SSum SquareArrange the numbers one to eight into the calculations to make the totals correct..
SSum StoryMake up real life stories for the given calculations.
SSummer HolidaysHow many children and how many donkeys are on the beach? You can work it out from the number of heads and the number of feet!
RSums With HundredsWhen is eighteen hundred minus fifty the same as seventeen hundred plus ten?
STable LegsLearn an unusual times table from the strategic finger moving up and down the 'Table Leg'!
STable SpidersMultiply the number on the spider's back by the numbers next to its legs.
STake SidesPut up your right hand or left hand depending on the expressions that appears.
ATan 22.5Find an exact value for tan 22.5° without using a calculator.
ATansumFind the sum of the tangents of angles on a straight line.
STargetsUse the given numbers to produce a calculation to get as close as possible to the given target.
STasty Take-AwaysFour subtractions to be done without a calculator. The answers are then to be added together.
STeam AgeWork out who is in which team from the information given.
ATemperature SumCan you explain why 0oC + 0oC does not equal 64oF
ATest ScoresExplore the misconception that when adding fractions you add both the numerators and the denominators
SThai BahtHow many different ways can you make a given total with Thai coins?
RThe Blue ArrowsWhat is the smallest number of jets that could have been in the formation according to the sighting information?
SThe Power of ChristmasFind a power of 2 and a power of 3 that are consecutive numbers.
SThe story of ...Be creative and come up with as many facts about a number as you can think of.
SThink BackA problem which can be answered by forming an algebraic equation then solving it.
STHOANTHOAN stands for 'Think of a number' and there are four randomly generated THOAN puzzles to solve.
SThree Make 1000Find three numbers from those given that add up to 1000. How many different sets of three numbers can be found?
AThree Right TrianglesCalculate the lengths of the unlabelled sides of these right-angled triangles.
SThree Wise GiftsFind as many sets of three of the available numbers as possible which add up to the given total.
STicker NewsA Think Of A Number problem presented as a news ticker.
STime TrialsYou have 10 seconds to answer each of the mental arithmetic questions.
STimed TablesHow fast can you answer 24 mixed times tables questions?
STindiceHow can you put the dice into the tins so that there is an odd number of dice in each tin?
STo Be ContinuedWork out the next term in the given sequences.
STool TrianglePlace the numbers on the triangle so that the totals along each of the sides are equal.
STop TransferBeginning with 100 on your calculator, what is the largest and smallest totals you can end up with after travelling through each of the possible routes.
STran's HatsIn how many different ways might Tran decide to wear his hats in one week?
ATransum TonicWhat is the largest number of bottles that it is not possible to buy if they come in packs of 6, 9, and 20?
ATri-JunctionA real life situation that can be analysed with the use of a tree diagram.
ATriangle or QuadrilateralCan a quadrilateral have a straight angle?
RTricky TakeawayTake away some of the letters in a word to get a surprising result.
ATrig BlotFind all the measurements of the given triangle.
STriple TotalsComplete the sums using only the given numbers then check your calculations are correct.
STripletsFind as many sets of three of the available numbers as possible which add up to the given total.
STrue or False?An activity designed to address common misconceptions.
STwelve DaysA Maths puzzle based on the 12 Days of Christmas song.
RTwo CoinsWhat two coins add up to 70p (one of them is not a 50p coin)
ATwo Equals OneWhat is wrong with the algebraic reasoning that shows that 2 = 1 ?
STwo NumbersFind the two numbers whose sum and product are given.
ATwo PotsUse tree diagrams to find the surprising result that probabilities of different situations are the same.
STwo Pots Make FourMake exactly four litres given a seven litre jug and a five litre jug.
ATwo real numbersThe sum of the reciprocals of two real numbers is -1, and the sum of their cubes is 4. What are they?
STwo SquaresUsing six pencils can you make two equal sized squares?
STwo ThirdsMake a poster showing a variety of calculations that give the answer two thirds.
STwo Twins and TimA tricky problem set on a coordinate grid.
AUnfinished GameShare the prize in a fair ratio according to the probability of each player winning.
AUniqueness StarterFind answers to questions that no one else in the class has thought of.
AUnlucky Seven ElevenFollow the instructions to multiply a chosen number then explain the result you get.
SUnmagic SquareArrange the numbers 1 to 9 in a 3 by 3 grid so that none of the line totals are the same.
SUpside NumberWork out the phone number from the clues given.
SValentine's PuzzleWork out which boy sent a Valentine's Day Card to which girl.
SVenn DiagramArrange numbers on the Venn Diagram according to their properties.
AVenn GraphsType the equation of a graph into each section of the Venn diagram.
AVictorian Times ComparisonIs 10! larger or smaller than the number of seconds in six weeks?
SVixen ValueThe Vixen Value of a word is the number of vowels multiplied by the number of consonants. How many words can you find with Vixen Value of 24?
AVowel CodeHow many ways can you create a code for the vowels by assigning to each vowel a different vowel?
SVowellessVowels have been taken out of mathematical words. Can you recognise them?
RWandering BearA bear walks south, east then north and finds it is back where it started. What colour is the bear?
SWarm UpFour quick Maths questions to warm up the brain.
SWeather MathsEight mathematical questions about the current weather and times in four cities around the world.
SWeather ReportFind five different integers that multiply together to give a product of twelve.
AWeather ReportsWhich five different integers multiply together to give 12?
SWhat are they?A starter about sums, products, differences, ratios, square and prime numbers.
AWhat Question?Write down all the possible questions that could have been asked if this was the Venn diagram provided in a mathematics exam.
SWindmill SequenceFind the value of the missing term of the sequence. It is easier than you may think!
SWord DifferenceCan you find substitutions which will make the word sum correct?
SWord SearchCreate your own mathematical word search for the whole class to enjoy.
SWord SumEach letter stands for a different digit. Can you make sense of this word sum?
SWordlesTurn mathematical words into designs which will help you remember the meanings of the words.
SWrapping PaperFind the order of rotational symmetry of the repeating pattern.
SWriting ChequesComplete some imaginary cheques, the amount needs to be written in words.
SWrong Way RoundFind calculations which written back to front give the same answer.
AX Divided by 2YWhy do different calculators not agree on the order of operations?
AZero EvenProve that zero is an even number.

Wow, that's a long list! There are 484 Starters to choose from. You are spoiled for choice!

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